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Aspects of academic writing

No description

Melanie Ni

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of Aspects of academic writing

Aspects of
academic language Balint Kiss
Denise Hüttenbrenner
Melanie Nimianu
Nicole Omischl Agenda Six aspects of academic writing
Language style
- Indentation
- Spelling
- Punctuation
- Phrases
Sources Six aspects of academic writing 1. Formal
2. Complex
3. Precise
4. Objective
5. Explicit
6. Responsible Indentation Chose American or British spelling
and stick to your choice Examples -our
ae -or
e color
encyclopedia colour
encyclopaedia etc. Introduction
Stating your purpose, giving an outline
Introducing indirect quotations
Referring to other parts of your paper
Referring to tables and charts
Structuring your argument
Summarizing, concluding Phrases Punctuation , ; - ... Most common mistake: comma No comma before: that, whether and what, as well as in restrictive relative clauses!!! INCORRECT: He proudly announced, that he had passed the exam.
INCORRECT: You never know, what the result of the test might be.
INCORRECT: Did you ask him, whether or not he'd be present at the board meeting?
INCORRECT: The survey, that we had commissioned, turned out to be completely useless.
INCORRECT: The person, who has the best references, will get the job. No space before punctuation marks INCORRECT: ...in Canada , where...
CORRECT: ...in Canada, where... Space after punctuation marks INCORRECT: ...in Canada,where
CORRECT: ...in Canada, where No space before and after parentheses INCORRECT: According to Douglas ( 1992: 45 ), it is hard to predict...
CORRECT: According to Douglas (1992: 45), it is hard to predict... No space before and after hyphens INCORRECT: student - led revolution
CORRECT: student-led revolution Apostrophes in English look like this ' or this ´, not ` INCORRECT: the chairman`s introduction and the participants` reactions
CORRECT: the chairman's introduction and the participants' reactions Opening and closing inverted commas
are always above the line INCORRECT: According to Nicholson (2001: 43), „culture shock can be a serious threat to the success of expatriate assignments".
CORRECT: According to Nicholson (2001: 43), "culture shock can be a serious threat to the success of expatriate assignments”. Decimal points vs. commas English:
13.2% ("thirteen point 2 per cent")
1,200 units ("one thousand and two hundred units") German:
13,2% ("dreizehn Komma zwei Prozent")
1.200 Stück ("eintausendzweihundert Stück") Introduction The purpose/aim/intention of this paper is to summarize and discuss recent contributions to the theory of …
The main concern of this paper is to show how …
This paper examines the extent to which … Introducing indirect quotations As X points out … / makes the point that …
X draws our attention to Y …
According to X, …
X suggests/states/argues that … Referring to other parts
of your paper As mentioned above …
The rest of the paper will be devoted to an analysis of …
The examples analyzed in the previous section have one feature in common … Figure 1.1 illustrates this point. / Figure 3.2 shows …
The following table summarizes …
As the above chart suggests, … Referring to tables and charts Structuring your argument The point I wish to make is that …
The process has the following characteristics …
Another interesting matter is … Summarizing, concluding To conclude, here are some key points …
I began this paper by suggesting that …
The analysis shows that …
The main concern has been to illustrate the effects of … Sources Mautner, G. (2007, February). Style guide for seminar papers. Unpublished raw data, Department of English Business Communication, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna, Austria.
Oxford Dictionaries. (n.d.). British and American spelling. Retrieved from http://oxforddictionaries.com/words/british-and-american-spelling
Oxford Dictionaries. (n.d.). British and American terms. Retrieved from http://oxforddictionaries.com/words/british-and-american-terms
Six central aspects of academic writing. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.writeenglish.org/writing-tips/central-aspects-academic-writing/ Pictures http://getdesign.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/gratuation-cap-with-degree-psd-HD-picture-65.jpg
http://www.queensu.ca/writingcentre/images/HandwritingPencil.JPG in chronological order Examples:
Different terms to describe the same items etc. airplane
French fries
driver’s license
fiscal year
driving licence
financial year
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