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Like Tech, Like Struct

#cityu #hk #cityuhk #iliketech

Cacin Wong

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Like Tech, Like Struct

Like Tech, Like Struct !!!
The other reason is TinkerCad has pre-existing shapes provided for us. Else, we can import our own design in it.

By shaping and grouping objects, it is very easy to create detailed models. The software is
very user friendly.

More conveniently, the file can export to be PDFs, images or CAD files. The layout makes our work sketchier as it can go the point where you want to amend.

Drawings in TinkerCad are stored in cloud for easy retrieve from everywhere.
How we use Tinkercad
The subdivision is designed like a circular figure which has a high accessibility.

People can enter every
facility easily, like kitchen and restroom. Instead of having one kitchen and one bathroom in each family,
they are placed in a particular zone.

This public use concept boosts all the resources centralizing at the
Hardware is also one of the important elements in the competition.

Meanwhile, TinkerCad plays as the most user-friendly function of this program is the high accessibility for 3D printing technology.
We gained precious experience from the competition with the help from many professionals.

No matter we can win any prizes, we have learned so many extra knowledge.

It is definitely useful in our future since those things are quite common in our field.
Several high performance printing machines can be found in the lab, such as Fortus 400mc and Makerbot replicator

They can make the prototypes in many kinds of shape which match our desire.
We have joined a construction competition on behalf of CityU. In order to impress the judge, we try to make some fascinating drawings. 3D drawing is the most popular way in the current society.

Commonly, people will use AutoCad to present the structures in different views. However, it is a bit oldie. The competition aims to come up with some ideas for helping homeless people in the disaster.

A clear drawing can show our concept and building procedures directly. We choose a newly software, called TinkerCad, to introduce our ideas.

Apart from drawing plan view and elevation view, it can also show stereoscopic view which makes the judge understand what we are thinking about easily.
We are very grateful that GE lab in CityU highly supports our contest by helping us the 3D printings.

With various support from it, we made some 3D models for presenting our concept.
Since the raw materials are limited supplied, it is wise to share them for victim use and have a better division of labor.

Additionally, the two lateral-side kitchens save up time for distribution of food.
Step 1
Setting out and excavation for Earthbag

(Note: the yellow line is the excavated region)
Step 2
Place columns inside and install them in the ground
Step 3
Move the Earthbags into trench one by one
Step 4
Place barbed wires after finishing each layer
Step 5
Install door frame when Earthbags reach the half of door height
Step 6
Continue putting Eanthbags for every layer
Step 7
Install window frames when Earthbags reach the half of window height
Step 8
Carry on putting Eanthbags for every layer
Step 9
Gently placing Earthbags on the window frames
Step 10
Keep on the previous steps until the height reaches 5m
Step 11
Construct roof truss at the top
Thanks for watching
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