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The world is an Apple

No description

Elle Villas

on 11 August 2016

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Transcript of The world is an Apple

By: Alberto S. Florentino
The World
is an APPLE

The hardworking husband who unfortunately lost his job which will lead him doing unacceptable things
The antagonist of the story who will give Mario the urge to get back from his old life
The sick daughter of the couple
At Home
Most of the scenes there have taken place in their house, as it was said there that Mario just got home
You can conclude that the settings was in province based on the backgrounds that had shown
Man vs Man
It was because Pablo is forcing Mario to join him again
Man Vs. Self
Mario cannot decide what he really have to do
Man vs. Society
As it was all about Poverty it is the society which pushes Mario to do such thing because he has a mentality of being rich is everything
The theme was Poverty derived from its own title the World is an Apple as the characters believe that Apples are only for rich, it symbolizes the wealth that lower class people can never afford which causes them to do crimes and unpleasant things
Mario got home and found Gloria working on household chores
Rising Action
Gloria ask for money but they end up quarreling when she found out that Mario already lost his job a week ago
Pablo entered the picture out of no where and starting revealing shocking stuffs to Gloria about her husband
Falling Action
Gloria beg Mario not to come with Pablo until the point that she asked him to choose between them
Mario chose to join Pablo again and left Gloria alone
Loving and thoughtful mother and wife
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