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What is Great Advertising?

No description

Sandra Martin

on 27 March 2011

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Transcript of What is Great Advertising?

What is Great Advertising?
Is there really such a thing?

...let's see Have you ever heard of TED? I hope so...if not...then here is an introduction... Here are the first 10 winners of TED's first Ads Worth Spreading competition. With this competition, TED is seeking to reverse the trend of online ads being aggressively forced on users.
"We want to nurture ads SO GOOD YOU CHOOSE TO WATCH.

On TED.com, ads run after talks, not before.
This means they can run longer than the TV-standard 30
And that's the key! In 2-3 minutes, there's enough time to
really tell a story
share an idea
make an authentic human connection
become unforgettable.

Instead of ambush, they offer pleasurable, intelligent engagement. We invite you to view, comment, rate, share -- or start a TED Conversation about these ads! so...here we go....great ads! #1. This ad brings showcase and entertainment together, demonstrating a new smartphone's imaging capabilities through a magical, microscopic animation. (Fun fact: this ad holds a Guinness World Record as the smallest stop-motion animated film.) #2 This astonishing and beatifully executed live fashion show simply mesmerized us -- and the thousands who gathered to watch on the streets below. An ingenious way to promote a product, while engaging viewers in a tangible experience. #3 TED judges were captivated by this provocative, conversation-style ad, which reveals the little-known key to reversing a devastating environmental problem.
About Savory Institute
The Savory Institute develops new techniques to reverse environmental destruction brought about by agriculture #4 This ad makes a tech product demo as exciting as an action film -- rolling all the different things one microprocessor can do into a single cinematic experience #5 We love the magical, atmospheric style with which this ad presents a single idea that has the potential to make the world a better place.
About Hornbach and HEIMAT
Hornbach and HEIMAT is a German home-improvement and DIY ("do-it-yourself") goods
#6 We're all familiar with the specter of AIDS: in months, the victim can waste away before our very eyes. Yet few are aware of the effectiveness of anti-retroviral medicine. This ad makes that potential vividly, visually clear -- demonstrating a real hope to those who suffer from AIDS.
About Topsy Foundation
The Topsy Foundation is a nonprofit focused on helping individuals infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.
#7 One of our judges wrote, "This is the perfect project for a paint brand to invest in." More importantly, it moved us with its uplifting message that life is better in color -- and there is nothing that a fresh coat of paint can't make better.
About Dulux
The "Let's Color Project" is Dulux's initiative to transform houses, schools, and public squares with paint.
#8 We loved this ad's smart use of social media to engage tens of thousands in a journey through the random interconnectivity of modern life. The film was originally delivered through a Facebook app that incorporated users' webcams, and displayed their pictures on TV screens throughout the Persian Gulf.
About Batelco
Batelco Group provides telecoms services to the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.
#9 This ad uses animation brilliantly to make clear the benefits of investing in a single worthy cause. It sheds light -- and hope -- on one of the most overlooked, yet promising, assets on this planet: 12-year-old girls.
About Nike Foundation
The Nike Foundation's "Girl Effect" campaign invests in the education and health of young girls.
#10 This astonishing and beatifully executed live fashion show simply mesmerized us -- and the thousands who gathered to watch on the streets below. An ingenious way to promote a product, while engaging viewers in a tangible experience.
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