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Friedrich Engels

A biography

Kayla Richardson

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Friedrich Engels

Friedrich Engels
A Biography
he was born in Barmen, Prussia (now Wuppertal, Germany) on November 28. He died in London on 5 August 1895 (age 74).
His Life
at 22, he produced his remarkable first book
The Condition of the Working Class of Europe"

inspired by the poverty he saw in Manchaster, England.
Even at a young age he didn't care much for capitalism and thought it's development inevitably resulted in great wealth for some and increased misery for many.
Friedrich & Marx
a German-English industrialist, social scientist, author, political theorist, philosopher, and father of Marxist theory, alongside Karl Marx.
at 22 his parents sent him to work in a factory in England that made sewing thread hoping he would change many of his views. It actually strengthened them. His experience in England helped to create an understanding that the working class had the potential to put his communist ideas into practice.
Friedrich & Marx
Friedrich anonymously published articles in the Rheinische Zeitung exposing the employment and living conditions that factory workers had to endure. Editor of the Rheinshe Zeitung was Karl Marx. However, Engels never met Karl Marx until they had a brief encounter near the end of November 1842
He had been born a Christian but became an atheist, making his relationship with his parents stressed. His parents expected that he would be a businessman like his father, so Frederick's revolutionary activities were even more of a disappointment to them.
On his way from Manchester in the summer of 1844 (at the age of 24), Engels stopped off in Paris, where he met Marx, and they embarked on their lifelong collaboration. The two had met briefly two years previously, but now they found they had a great deal in common politically, and that each could bring something to the relationship. He had a much
In Manchester, Engels met Mary Burns, a fierce young working woman with radical opinions. They began a relationship that lasted until her death in 1862.
a big voice to the communist
movement in Europe

who was he?

Karl Marx
What Is Marxism?
Marxism is a political and economic theory. Its founders were Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It is a socio-economic viewpoint that is completely based on materialism as well as a materialistic viewpoint of history. It critiques the ideals and principals behind capitalism, and is an advocate of the idea that the working class should take hold over the current political power through means of a social revolution. In doing this, the foundation of classes would be therefore abolished, and all material inequality would be completely gone.
how is it different from communism?
Marxism is basically a system of analysis, and a way to view the world. Communism, on the other hand, is basically a political movement, a form of government, a condition of society.
“Some laws of state aimed at curbing crime are even more criminal”
Marx & Engels
these guys were great friends from the moment they met until the day they died.
what exactly did
they do?
well, basically they invented communism; they put their
opinions of and issues with politics together and came
up with the idea of Marxism (which is the idea in which communism was based on), wanting to make sure the
poor didn't suffer while the rich enjoyed an easy life
was he a good guy,
or a bad guy?
His Positive
Affect On Society
Most people believe communism is a really bad form of government, when really it isn't. It helps the people and
what important events
were going on during
his lifetime?
his first work
at 17 he dropped out of high school due to family situations
-The two never married, as both were against the institution of marriage,believing that state and church regulated marriage were to him a form of class oppression.
Engels had a close relationship not only with Marx, but with his family. For years, while the two men worked together, Engels supported Marx and his family financially to keep them from starving and even continued to support them after Marx's death.
why did Marx need so much help, and for how long did he need it?
surer grasp of economics than Marx but also had a background in philosophy and communist politics which was comparable to that of Marx.
in 1848 there was a revolution in Paris by lower-class workers. They overthrew Louis Philippe, and elected Louis Napoleon Bonaparte president. This sparked a lot of other revolts in Europe
the industrial revolution had begun, and work was being done by workers in factories
too many big words... what are you saying?
Basically, it critiques capitalism and says that everyone should have the same things (houses, income, items; any materialistic thing/object) regardless how hard they work, and that in doing this there would be no social classes because everyone would basically have the exact same life.
Actually, Marx was very wealthy for most of his life. In his adult life, he was often within the upper 5%. He did spend about 15 years being pretty broke, but only because there were no non-profit or academic jobs available for him at during that period. (Marx never had a job outside of being an intellectual.) During that period he was supported financially by Engels, though Marx continued to receive large sums of money from Engels for the rest of his life.
his most important work
I don't know...
makes sure everyone is taken care of. Communism gets a bad reputation because of leaders who have abused their power and done just the opposite of what communism is about by making themselves rich and the people poor. So
if communism is used in the right way, it really isn't a bad form of government.
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