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Karl Lagerfeld

No description

Sasha Bila

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld
Who's Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld is one of th most influential people in the fashion industry. He have been working in the industry for 60 years now. His eternal sense for fashion will never fades away.
Early Life
Karl Otto Lagerfeldt
September 10, 1933. In Hamburg, German.
Wealthy family.
Two sisters; Martha and Thea.
Showed interest in fashion since he was young.
Moved to Paris at the age of 14 years old.
Moved to Paris to pursue his dream.
Studied art and history.
Lycee Montaigne, Paris.
Karl's Love for Art
Karl's Words
"Personality begins when comparison ends"

"There's no racism in Fashion"

"What I love best in life is new starts"
Lagerfeld in Fashion Industry
Thank You for Your Attention :D
Karl Lagerfeld
Joined lots of art competitions. Mostly fashion competition.
Won 1st place in Coat category.
Met Yves Saint Lauren who were the winner in another category.
First full time job as 'Junior Assistant'
After winning the fashion competition.
Worked for Fendi at the same time as he works for other brands.
Created collections since 1960s until now.
Worked as Chanel's 'Creative Director' for both Chanel and Fendi since 1970s.
Saved the almost-dead brand 5 years after Coco Chanel died by launching Chanel's significance ready-to-wear collection.
Lagerfeld is very well known for his collection for Chanel.
A collection is not just one idea. Something that comes all of a sudden and just work it out.
Don't repeat things that we've done before. Challenge ourselves and start something new.
Most influential person in High-Fashion Industry
Very inspirational
His designs are all eternal
Karl never repeat his design and always find new themes.
Karl's ability to produce more than one collection for every brand he's working on at the same time is amazing
Agren, S 2010, ‘Interviewing Karl Lagerfeld’, Interview Magazine, accessed 22 January 2014, <http://www.interviewmagazine.com/fashion/karl-lagerfeld/#_>.
Karl Lagerfeld. [Internet]. 2014. The Biography Channel website. Available from: http://www.biography.com/people/karl-lagerfeld-9371367 [Accessed 22 Jan 2014].
Keneley, M 2004, ‘The dying town syndrome: a survey of urban development in the Western District of Victoria 1830 - 1930’, Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History, 19 February, accessed 24 March 2007, <http://www.vogue.co.uk/spy/biographies/karl-lagerfeld>.
Karl created his own Label under his name. Karl Lagerfeld
Karl himself is the main designer for his own brand.
It was sold in 2004 to Tommy Hilfiger
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