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Russian Culture


Gabriel Snyder

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Russian Culture

Russian Culture
Cultural Landscape
Russian Orthodox Churches
Red Square
DC Capital Building
After Domes were created,
architects begam to use the
same base of arches but build
the domes higher.
The Russians took this idea but
made it look like an onion
The main Religion in Russia
is Chrisitanity (Russian Orthodox)
Kremlin- the russian word for Fortress
"citadel" or castle.
Major fortifications
Over 145 million people
and over 150 different
ethnic group.
80 percent Slavic
Religions = Christianity, Islam ,
Buddhism or Judaism
Faberge eggs
Art Centers around
Religious Icons
Dmitri Mendeleev
Ivan Pavlov
Peter Faberge
Russian Jeweler
who created
a jewelry egg
for Alexander III
to give to his wife
Bolshoy Theatre
Best opera and ballet theatre in the world
Russian Literature
Anton Chekhov
Born in 1860 in Russia as a "serf" (Basically a slave)
Under the rule of Alexandre II
Grandfather bought Anton out of slavery.
Was liberal and paved the way to freedom for all
Abraham Lincoln of Russia
Many wanted him dead... And was eventually assassinated in 1881
There were many major changes in government while Anton was alive.
Nicolas II
Alexandre III
Dad - terrorized his sons, was extremely
religious and eventually left Anton to fend
for himself because his business failed in
the town he grew up in.
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