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Animal Cell vs. Soccer Team

No description

mia bev

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Animal Cell vs. Soccer Team

Plant Cell vs. Soccer Team
Again, ribosomes are created in the nucleus and are particles that carry out protein synthesis. On the soccer field the ribosomes are the players because they carry out energy for long periods of time.
The chloroplasts carries out photosynthesis, producing sugars. On the team, the coach would be the chloroplasts because they help the players grow and develop and provides a drive to play.

Ribosomes are created in the nucleus and are particles that carry out protein synthesis. On the soccer field the ribosomes are the players because they carry out energy for long periods of time.
Mitochondria produces energy. In soccer the captain produces the energy on the field because they lead everyone.
The nucleus is the center of all control, almost like a brain. On the soccer field the midfield is like a nucleus because they tell everyone where to go and what to do.
The nuclear envelope is a double membrane with nuclear pores that enclose nucleus. On the soccer field the outside midfield would take the place of the nuclear envelope. The outside mids are like pores, the center mids feed them the ball. They also enclose the nucleus, the center mids are in between the two outside mids.
Nuclear Envelope
The ER's main function is to manufacture and transport material to other locations. On the soccer field the player with the ball could be the rough ER because they call the play that's going to happen and they make sure the ball gets where it needs to be.

Smooth ER lacks ribosomes and synthesizes lipid molecules. On the soccer field the bench would be the smooth ER because it produces long term energy. The people sitting on the bench have fresh lags and can last longer in the game.

Smooth ER
The rough ER produces and exports proteins and hormones. On the soccer field the center midfield could also be be the rough ER because they produce plays, think them through, and play the ball to someone.
Rough ER
The cell wall is the outer surface that shapes, supports, and protects the cell. This can be compared to the whole field on a soccer team because it holds every part of the cell and keep 'boundaries' for the team, just like a cell wall
Cell Wall

The cell membrane surrounds the cytoplasm, and regulates entrance and exit of molecules. This is like the substitution line at half because it regulates the molecules (players) who come on and off the field.

Cell Membrane
A cytoskeleton helps the cell maintain it's shape and helps with internal movement. On the soccer field the defense could represent this because they help the team stay in it's shape and tells people where to go, they direct the field.
The golgi process package and secretes lipids and proteins. On the sidelines the cheering crowd would be the golgi because they bring energy to the field that lasts the whole game.
Golgi Apparatus
A vacuole is a large fluid filled sac that stores water. On a soccer team the water jug would take place of a vacuole in a cell because the jug stores the water.
Lysosomes are vesicles that digest macromolecules and even cell parts. In a soccer game the subs would be the lysosomes because they replace tired players with not tired and hurt players on the field, in a cell the lysosome replaces worn out cells' structures to protect it from getting hurt.
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