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The variations of Digital Asset Management

A simple representation showcasing the sub-categories of Digital Asset Management, Brand Asset Management and Marketing Asset Management.

Adgistics Ltd.

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of The variations of Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management
DAM (Digital Asset Management) is an online
file cabinet for branded materials.
It is a centralised platform accessible anytime, anywhere.
Brand Asset Management
BAM (Brand Asset Management) enables
global organisations to link thousands of assets
effectively and grow their brand value.
Marketing Asset Management
MAM (Marketing Asset Management) provides
the infrastructure needed to support full alignment
of people, processes and technology for marketing activities.
What is a digital asset?
Let's put it this way...if you can save it on a hard drive and there is
a chance that you'll use it again, then that's a digital asset right there!
A simple introduction to asset management tools
Digital assets can be found across numerous hard drives and will contain many types of digital files, generated to add value to your brand.
Digital assets are the pillars in
which the brand is built on.

The logo, fonts, colours, images, illustrations, transcripts and videos form a brand identity.
But where to start in implementing such a functional tool?
What are some DAM characteristics?
Organising, searching, securing, manipulating digital assets

Verifying the integrity

Delivery and distribution

Integration with 3rd party creative applications

Video transcoding and on the fly requests

Image recognition
As a brand grows, the more assets it acquires.
As this happens, it becomes harder to
keep track and control of all branded materials.
How do you keep brand identity consistent, achieve a positive ROI and handle categorisation of the branded materials?
A proper BAM solution will have more functionality
to drive and generate return of investment.

It is more than just a shared folder.
Common questions:
Where is the latest version of the high resolution logo?

This document looks incorrect without our company fonts...where can I find them?

This file format is not opening,
how do I know it is the correct version?
Brand Asset Management consists of organisation,
storage and retrieval of assets, along with detailed usage guidelines and brand standards.

It allows organisations to leverage the brand, increase profitability, asset value and brand return over time.
MAM has the tools to ease the creative process.
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