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Geography Research Questions #1: Hong Kong

No description

Sophia soon

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of Geography Research Questions #1: Hong Kong

Geography Research Questions #1: Hong Kong
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
If we could establish a settlement in the world, it would be in Canada, British Colombia. The criteria we used to select the country is shown here.
By Keerthikaa, Shoaiba, Whitney and Sophia.
Hong Kong is a country with many high rise buildings. The reason for this is because Hong Kong is 1 of the most densely populated places on earth it would help to build high rise buildings. Because Hong Kong has many high rise buildings because of historical, political, and geographical reasons. Only 23.7% of Hong Kong is developed out of which is only 6.8% land is used for housing. Hong Kong has many high-rise buildings because of companies or company job opportunities.

Why are there so many high rise building in Hong Kong?
If we could establish a settlement in the world, where would it be? What criteria would we use to select the location?
The reason for low populations in the countries listed before could be caused by geographical, historical and political reasons. The reason for some countries to have such a low population because work may have been provided somewhere else that a certain country did not have much of. Countries with low population could have been caused by the birth rte, and death rate. Or caused by not having good living standards, life expectancy are too low, or even literacy isn't good at a country. The factors could have been history, technology, environment,migration and etc.
What factors account their low populations?
There are many sparsely populated countries or regions but some of the top most sparsely populated countries are Mauritania, Iceland, Suriname, Australia, Namibia, French Guiana, Mongolia, Western Sahara, Falkland Island (in the UK) and Greenland Denmark. Reasons for many sparsely populated countries are because of maybe economic problems, the history of the country, the politics, environment,technology and migration patterns. For each country it is different but these are vague ideas of why some countries are sparsely populated.
Which countries or regions in the world are the most sparsely populated?
Canada, British Colombia, has met these expectations below:
Our settlement would need to include:
Safe drinking water
Safe environment in a sense that people should feel safe when walking around, or clean breathing air.
Certain rights and freedoms are included
Literacy is free to people depending on their age. (Example: Elementary school)
The life expectancy are high and are free to the ages 75 and up.
Living standards are good for people in the area.
We would like the area to be urbanized. (Meaning that there is a limit of people living in our settlement.)

For us we chose to be able to allow the people in our settlement to be safe and be happy in where they live so therefore that's why we chose our criteria to be strict.
To sum up our presentation, we would like to show two short videos and would like to ask you a few questions in the end.
Q1: Do you agree with Hong Kong to have high build buildings? If not, why?
Q3: Where would you like to build a settlement? What is your criteria for selecting a location?
Q2: Name a factor for countries or regions' low population.
This is Hong King at night.
This is British Colombia, Canada
Before we end off we'll show another video related to British Colombia.
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