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A Phenomenology of Tourist Experiences

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Maythida Patcharapinyopong

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of A Phenomenology of Tourist Experiences

A Phenomenology of
Tourist Experiences
By Erik Cohen Introduction 5 Modes of Tourist Experiences Recreational Mode Conclusion 1. Recreational Mode 2. Diversionary Mode 3. Experiential Mode 4. Experimental Mode 5. Existential Mode - a mere escape from the boredom and meaninglessness of routines Diversionary Mode - the search for 'experience' Experiential Mode Experimental Mode - the 'seeker' Existential Mode - pleasure seeker - purely recreational and entertainment experience - constitutes an authentic experience Tourism and the Quest for the Centre - does not desire or care for authentic - tourist get what he wants - not a 'serious business' rather it is an 'idle pleasure' - not 'meaningful' - 'Therapy School' of sociology of leisure - do not adhere any more to the spiritual centre of their society - engage in authentic life - 'search of himself' -finding an absolute reality - adheres to the center of his society of culture - observes the authentic life of others - may reassure and uplift - more profound - not aware of what he seeks - adheres to an 'elective' centre -Natural authentic Cohen MacCannell -Artificial Contrived - mainstream native society and culture - easiest to realize - various modes of touristic experiences differ in the ease of their realization - the ‘diversionary’ mode is the easiest to realize - realization of the ‘recreational’ mode demands 3 kinds of 'existential' tourists - 'Realistic idealists' - 'Starry-eyed idealists' - 'Critical idealists' - able to achieve self-realization - see perfection - refuse to face the reality - attached to the ideal which the centre is meant to represent
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