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Russia's pressure

No description

Madeleine Student

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Russia's pressure

Sport Preview of the Sochi Winter Olympics
Russia's pressure.
Past Olympics has been disappointing.
Home advantage.

Team Figure Skating
New Sport
Teams of nations
Four Groups (Men, Ladies, Pairs and Dance)
Compete for best score combined
first place gets 10 points second 9 and it keeps going
Russia is predicted to win
Downhill Skiing
U.S star Lindsay Vonn is not competing
18 year old Mikaela Shiffen favored to win in slalom
Ted Ligety and Body Miller are favorites to win the Super G and Slalom
The hill has the longest jump in the olympics, Skiers will soar over 80 yards.
The U.S got it's first gold medal last Olympics
Holcomb the captain last time will try again this year
this season the team has won nine out of the sixteen races they've won
they will be riding in a new sled made by BMW
Norwegian dominated sport
five different sports (sprint, pursuit, individual, mass start and relay)
Ole-Einer Bjorndalen was favored and won the individual on Saturday
At his fifth Olympics he is trying to beat Bjorn Daehlie who has 12 medals (they are tied right now)
Google Images
New sport (slopesyle)
Both genders
Shuan White pulled out
He's still going for three straight gold medals in the halfpipe
He was teased by fellow competitors saying it's just an excuse
Huge pressure on Russia
Last olympics was an extremely disappointing coming in fourth
Canada won in overtime 3-2 over the U.S
Russian fans say if the Russians win gold nothing else will matter
They predicted that its going to be the Canadians and the Russians in the gold medal match and the U.S and Finland for bronze
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