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Cover Letters

How to Write a Killer Cover Letter

Katie Fake

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Cover Letters

Cover Letters I may have the qualifications you seek.
Portfolio and biography online
(see signature link).

ABC So, what is a cover letter?! Is this a "great" cover letter? A letter submitted with a resume to
express interest, qualifications, and to make a great first impression

Unless otherwise noted, a cover letter should ALWAYS be submitted with a resume. What is the goal of my cover letter? To get the reader to pick up the phone or compose an email, asking you to come in for an interview. Isn't that what my resume is for? Not quite.
Resume = facts, data, and info
Cover letter = first impression Let's take it from the top... 1. At the top, you should have a heading that matches the heading in your resume

Make it "matchy matchy"
Shows organization and attention to detail 2.Greeting

Include the date

Whenever possible use names

"To whom it may concern:" only when necessary

Use a colon, not a comma to stay formal 3. Attention Getter

First paragraph should get attention

Introduce yourself, using your name

What job do you want and for what great reason?

What makes you stand out? 4. Interest and Desire Builder

Include body paragraphs that make you sound interesting and make the employer want to hire you!

Tell your special qualifications

Discuss past experiences

Demonstrate special skills

Tell why you're good for
their company 5. Call to Action

Your last paragraph should nicely tell the employer what action you would like them to take

What would you want them to do after reading your letter? Interview? Discuss? 6. Closing

Use a formal closing
Sincerely, Thank you, etc.

Always sign your name

Type your name, as signed underneath
your signature General Tips Be as formal as possible
No slang
No text lingo
No cursing
Discuss the best of yourself and the company
you are applying to!
Do not lie!!!!!
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