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Listen & Learn from Your Multicultural Customers

No description

Eric Diaz

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Listen & Learn from Your Multicultural Customers

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Listen & Learn from your Multicultural Customers
Our Agenda:
1. Value of Listening to
Multicultural Consumers

2. Two Case Studies
A. Charmin Toilet Paper
B. MassMutual Insurance
About OYE!
OYE! is a business intelligence solution that provides companies with unique insights into Spanish and Spanglish conversations online. This solution effectively tracks, segments, and monitors real-time online conversations so brands can make educated business decisions and develop culturally relevant communications with the fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S.

OYE!'s client roster includes Fortune 100 firm MassMutual Insurance, Big Lots, Henkel Consumer Goods, Square, and White Castle among others.

Natasha Pongonis - CEO
Eric Diaz - CFO
Sarah Irizarry - Marketing Manager
Client Case Study 1
Charmin Toilet Paper
The Problem: Negative Consumer Sentiment
Charmin Toilet Paper
The Solution: Listen to the Hispanic Consumer
Charmin Toilet Paper
Cha Cha Charmin!
Times Square Restrooms
The iconic brand uses online listening to influence their overall Hispanic strategy.
The Results:
Charmin Toilet Paper
Client Case Study 2
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
The Problem: How to launch a Spanish social presence?
The Solution: Content Strategy,
Digital Ads, Robust Campaigns
With 55K fans+, the Largest Spanish Language Federal Govt Facebook Page Today.
The Results:
Client Case Study 3
Dial Soap
The Problem: How to launch a Spanish digital presence?
Dial Soap
The Solution: culturally relevant content and overall delighting of their fans.
Dial Soap
The Results:
Dial Soap
Client Case Study 2
The Problem: Competing with Giants
The Solution: Learning from competitors on monthly basis and reacting
The Results:
Key Themes
1. Research/Listening
2. Robust Hispanic Strategy
3. Not all Hispanics Prefer Spanish
4. If reaching Spanish-dominant,
lead in Spanish
5. Culturally Relevant Content
6. Reporting
Contact the Speaker
Eric Diaz can be reached via:




National Statistics
National Statistics
Hispanic Language Choice on Social - 2015 Financial Services Industry
Hispanic Conversation on Social Media
Follows this English Trend
Hispanic Language Choice on Social - 2015 QSR Industry
Hispanic Language Choice on Social - 2015 Haircare Industry
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