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RRS100 Final Creative Presentation

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lisa phan

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of RRS100 Final Creative Presentation

Lisa Phan 910867976 'Identity Matters' China Town History Chinatown, San Francisco is the oldest Chinatown in North America and the largest community outside Asia Relevancy Chinatown is perfect symbol for San Francisco that relates to SFSU and Ethnic Studies Message Relevancy to Ethnic Studies Chinatown is important is Ethnic Studies because it explains the amount of chinese immigrants in San Francisco with relation to the immigration laws that we learned in this class Since its establishment in 1848 it has been highly important and influential in the history and culture of ethnic Chinese immigrants in North America Chinatown is an enlcave that continues to retain its own customs, languages, places of worship, social clubs and identity Its a home for thousands of Chinese immigrants and is also a major tourist attraction, drawing more visitors anually than the Golden Gate Bridge Ethnic identity is built by individuals and ethnic groups themselves which is defined by cultural characteristics and national origin Chinatown is a symbolism for me being an Asian American, even though I am not Chinese. Chinese and Vietnamese are very similar so seeing Chinatown while Im so far away from home gives me comfort and makes me feel like I am not losing my roots. Simply the food and atmosphere reminds me of my family SFSU was one of the first schools to have ethnic studies programs and is known for forming separate ethnic action groups in the 1960s. This makes most of us feel proud of attending a school that has contributed to history and a school that has inspired student activism. Going to a school that has a history makes me feel like I am a part of it too and reminds me that social change will change the world. Cultural Identity Because I am the only person in my family in the US I am the most exposed to Americanization However as an Asian American I am proud of my Vietnamese roots because of my mom and her Buddhist views. Shes very positive and strongly believes in karma. Most of my views and beliefs are because of her. Because I am so far away from home Chinatown is the closest thing to me where I can find anything that reminds me of my mother Chinatown is also relevant to some theories of ethnicity and racism, and the fight for justice Chinatown can also relate to ethnic studies by the stories of oppression and discrimination in labor companies San Francisco State University
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