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Time to Hook the Reader

No description

jennifer rubin

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of Time to Hook the Reader

Time to Hook the Reader
How to create a strong lead for your writing
Whoosh! I fly past the chirping birds on a beautiful spring morning as I make my way to school.
State an OPINION
The most amazing superpower of all is flying. With the ability to fly, I would be able to take over the WORLD!
You have 8 seconds to grab your reader's attention.
Do you have what it takes to do it?
Start with a FACT
The only living things capable of powered flight are insects, birds and bats. I would like to add myself to that list.
Make the reader IMAGINE
Imagine if you could fly everywhere you went and never had to worry about traffic or being late. That is a superpower I could put to good use.
Which one will you choose to hook your reader?
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