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Animal Cell Park

Come see the wonderful and amazing creations at Animal Cell Park!

Taylor Romines

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Animal Cell Park

Animal Cell Park Come visit the amazing attractions of the Animal Cell! The Great Wall of Animal Cell Park keeps the good people in and the bad people out. We structured it out of proteins and phospholipids which look like a giant car wash scrubber. The tails of the phospholipids face the inside while the heads face the top and bottom of the gate because they love water; therefore, our sprinkler bill is a high cost of living. The wonderful people to come see our park, enter through the proteins. Its more structured than the Great Wall of China, therefore our gate is a huge attraction on its own. First Stop:
The Great Wall:
Cell Membrane One thing we receive compliments on all the time is the amount of nice floaters we have around the park. You may see them once you walk in or throughout your journey. These guys are the construction guys who build long chains of amino acids. There is usually a mass of these guys near the Rough ER ride. They love to stick around to catch a ride. Second Stop: "The Nice Guys"
Ribosomes This is actually a two in one deal. There is the Smooth ER and the Rough ER. The smooth is a series of tubes in which someone can ride down in. (The typical slide that they hold at carnivals and such). The amazing thing that Animal Cell Park has that others do not is a Rough ER slide. The rough is a bumpy ride that consists of a membrane like slide with the "Nice Guys" hanging on it all the time. No worries though, the Rough ER helps your package all your materials up in order for a clean leave (however, your children may never want to leave), while playing a catchy song! Third Stop: "Your Child Will Never Allow You to Pack Up and Go Home Because of This Ride"
Endoplasmic Reticulum Our gift shop personally wraps the gifts right in front of you! The minute you choose your gift, the handy assistants wrap it in the most beautiful paper and ship it out of the Cell Membrane to your friends and relatives! The Golgi Apparatus Store is one of a kind! Golgi Apparatus Fourth Stop: "Gift Shop" BEHIND THE SCENES Mitochondria- Mitochondria serve as power for all of our rides in the park! Fueled by oxygen and food molecules, mitochondria in our park never fail. Hundreds of them cover our park to ensure that everything is working properly. Fifth stop: “the powerhouse” Nucleus- The nucleus serves as the head office in the Animal Cell Park. All orders, security, administrative functions, and communication happen here. The Nucleus organizes and gives function to our park. Workers, rides, and even people are told what to do and where to go by the Nucleus. Sixth Stop: “Cell Park Office” Lysosomes- Lysosomes are the various waste systems throughout our park. Trash cans, clean up crew, and dumpsters all keep our park clean. Taken in by lysosomes, food, paper, metals, and whatever else is left on our park grounds is broken down by enzymes and gotten rid of. Seventh Stop: “Clean Up” Vacuoles- Our vacuoles store and supply food and water for the entire park. Our vacuoles are located in the back, away from the main parts of the park. But when the time comes for food to be used, the vacuoles transport these nutrients for the people of the park! Eighth Stop: “Central Supply” THE END - biology4kids.com
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