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Session 1 Tutor Training

The Road Ahead: ASC Tutor Training

Academic Success Center

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Session 1 Tutor Training

The Road Ahead: ASC Tutor Training
Let's Get to Know Each Other...
Take 3 Fuzzy Sticks (pipe cleaners) and bend, shape, and curl them in your own creation to describe 3 things about yourself.
Make sure that the pipes stay connected in some way.
Be sure to not talk about your 3 things, we will go around the room to explain.

Academic Success Center (ASC)
Mission and Vision
Ouachita has provided the Academic Success Center to help students become independent and efficient learners so they are better equipped to meet the University’s academic standards and attain their educational goals. This center challenges and encourages all students to become actively involved in their learning.

Overview Of Sevices
Academic Services

Student Success & Tutoring Services
Preparing for our Trip
Let's Check the Engine and Prepare for Our Trip...
Meet ASC Staff

Let's Get to Know each Other...

ASC Mission/ Vision

Overview Of Services

Expectations/Job Responsibilities

Cancellation Policy

Student Responsibilities

Peer Tutoring Ethics

Sandwich Techniques

Overview - Introduction of the Academic Success Center
Reviewing the Basics
The purpose of the Success Center is to provide students with the resources to succeed in college by maintaining a program of support services that addresses their educational needs.
Our Purpose
The Academic Success Center staff is committed
to helping under-prepared students prepare; prepared students advance; and advanced students excel.
Our Motto...
Academic Services

Academic Probation

Academic Skills Courses

Student Success & Tutoring Services

Student Success Meetings

Freshman Transition Survey

Early Academic Alert


Expectations/ Responsibilities

See Page 4 & 5 in the Tutor Manual
Student Responsibilities

See Page 6 in the Tutor Manual
Peer Tutoring Ethics Pg. 8
Never criticize an instructor/professor or an assignment

Never do a student’s assignment for him/her

Remember that you are a professional representative of ASC even when you are not tutoring. How you conduct yourself outside of the learning center affects how students and faculty perceive ASC.

If you feel that your efforts are not helping the tutee, please notify Student Success Coordinator (SSC) and recommend the student make an appointment.

Types of
small Group
Walk-In Lab

Study Hall
SPEC & CORE Walk-In Labs
Station #5: Non-Dominant Hand
Getting Started...
Talking Points to Start a Session
Positive Atmosphere: Sandwich Technique

The First Few Miles
The First Few Miles
Covering Ground...

FERPA Policy - Sign Form
Communication is KEY

Pg. 11
Pg. 14
Welcome ASC Tutors!
Communication Skills
Pg. 15
No Show
Intiatives & Programs
Be Confident. Communication will occur. If you are unable to express an idea, do not panic- if repeating does not help, try a different mode (writing or drawing) to help clarify an idea.

Try not to show disappointment. Avoid responses such as “No, I just told you that five minutes ago,” and “Haven’t you got that yet?”

Use body language. The importance of body movements cannot be overemphasized. When saying “yes”, nod. When saying “no” shake your head. Facial expressions and other non-verbal forms of expression are essential to effective communication.

Speak in short sentences. There is a certain art involved in eliminating unnecessary words from your verbal and written communications. Interactions are enhanced when this is realized.

USE YOUR RESOURCES: Don't forget to communicate with Professors and ASC Staff!!

Before you become an effective tutor you must an effective communicator. It is necessary to be sensitive to your tutee’s needs before you can communicate effectively with him/her.
Sign In Process
Before 5pm
After 5pm
No show
Sub List - Email SSC
Sign in sheet
Football Study Hall
Meet Our ASC Staff
Nicole Porchia
Leanne Huneycutt
Sarah Donaldson
Sonya Arnold
Cancellations Pg. 7
If the tutee cancels his/her session
If your tutee is a "no show"
If the tutor needs to cancel a session
What if...
Tutor Request Form
Red Flag Form
Tutor Availability
Tutor Timesheet
Tutor Fact Sheet
Marketing your Tutoring Session
ASC Staff can Help You!
Any Questions ?

Lets take a Tour!!!!
Claire Herndon
Amber Goodrum
Please Sign in Upon Arrival
* Fill in Form
* Select Submit
* Select Submit Another Response to complete.
Tutor Substitution
Sign In Sheet
Must record all no show sessions

No more than two missed sessions are allowed before the appointment time is canceled.

If you are not able to make it to a session, you must find another tutor to substitute for you.

Email Student Success Coordinator with the substitution or if you need help finding a sub.
Sign In after 5pm

The Role of the Tutor
Master Notebook
* Located at the front desk
* Master Tutoring Schedule
* Other Tutoring available on campus
* Tutor's contact list
* Tutor's time availability
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