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Martin Luther King Jr.

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sasha chervinskis

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Martin Luther King Jr.

Maryam ahmed
Main Idea
Martin Luther King Jr.
I would like to give credit to the books MLK Man of Peace and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. thank you
presented by:
"I have a dream, that one day, my children will not be
judged by their skin color, but by their character
on the inside."

I Have a Dream is Martin Luther King Jr.'s most famous
and what I think is his last speech. This speech brightened
many eyes. African-americans and whites were very happy
about this speech.
In the speech Beyond Vietnom, Martin Luther
King Jr. talks about how he didn't like the
Vietnom war. The war was between north
Vietnom and the southern allys. This was Kings
last most famous speech.
In the speech Give Us The Ballot, Martin Luther
King Jr. talks about how he thinks african-americans
should be able to vote. Now, everyone is treated equal
and are all able to vote. This is the second most
famous speech King gave.
Martin Luther King Jr. questioned segregation
as a child. Whites and colored people were separated all the time. At white only lunch
bars, black protesters were hurt or had things
spilled on them such as water or sugar. People
were beaten or put in jail for standing up for whats right. King was stabbed because of his
protesting in New York City at a bookshop.
Even whites were hurt for wanting blacks to be equally treated.
MLK Jr. was a leader in the african american civil rights movement
He was born Jan. 15,1929
He was shot Apr.4 , 1968 by James Earl Ray
Jan.15 , 1929 King was born
Feb.20 , 1948 King became a minister
June 18, 1953 King got married to Corretta Scott
1955-1956 King lead the bus boycott
Aug.28 , 1963 King did his I Have A Dream speech
Dec.10 , 1964 King received Nobel Peace Prize
Apr.4 , 1968 King died
Big Idea Question
How did MLK effect America?
Other Questions
Who was MLK and what did he do?
How were African-Americans treated in the time of MLK?
How have MLK's speeches change America?
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