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Project Inspire

No description

Therese Martinez

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of Project Inspire

What goes around..
Project Inspire
Leave Your Mark
Founded by Mrs. Andres

LYM began in 2008

Seniors , English 12

Gives seniors the opportunity to give back to the community.
What is Ownership?
Ownership - the state or quality of being an owner
Why should you care ?
When you step into this school, you bring everything you were taught at home here.
Public Opinion
Table of Contents
I. ' Leave Your Mark '
II. What is Ownership?
III. Why should you care?
IV. What Goes Around Video
V. What can you do ?

When others see our school, we want them to think," What a nice and neat school, they must really take care of it. "
If we show how much we care for our school, others will realize that wrecking it is wrong.

We pave the way for the next generation, why not set a better example?
We the students represent how Sanchez is displayed.
Influence others to become better people.
Show Pride and Take Initiative!
What can you do ?
Avoid littering & throw trash away in the proper place
Flush toilets after every use
Avoid spitting on school grounds both inside & outside the building
Clean your area after eating or drinking
Refrain from tagging or marking the hallways & bathroom stalls
Be Respectful
2nd Period
Sophia Madlambayan

Therese Martinez

Daisy Basa

Nicholas Gankiewicz
Rebuild SSHS Rally
Parent Expo
Walk In The Shoes of A Shark Challenge
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