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Is this interesting?

No description

Wen Chang

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Is this interesting?

Is this Interesting? Why and who When and How What Why research needs to be interesting?
Reader engagement
Attract and retain doctoral students
and what? When to make your manuscript interesting?
Building up research questions
Writing introductions Warm-up What is theory?
What are the major criteria of theory?
What are contributions? Innovation?
Engagement? Interesting – Adapted to excite interest; having the qualities which rouse curiosity, engage attention, or appeal to the emotions; of interest
Novel - Of a new kind or nature; not previously imagined or thought of; (now) esp. interestingly new or unusual.
Oxford English Dictionary "Sometime academics take very exciting, engaging and important work and present it in such a way that it looks like a butterfly squashed between two pieces of glass."
Blake Ashforth (2003)
"A theory will be considered truly interesting only if it has repercussions on both levels (theoretical dimension and practical dimension)."
Murray Davis (1971) " Interesting is that it disconfirms some (but not all) of the assumptions held by its audience ... something that engages readers' attention, something that stands out for readers".
Murray Davis (1971)
"I am excited by research that is interesting, which I define as research that makes a significant contribution to the body of knowledge."
Glenn Voss (2003)
"An interesting idea is one that, if it were true, would require a large number of people to undertake a substantial change in their beliefs or behaviors."
Daniel Smith (2003) "The first criterion by which people judge anything they encounter, even before deciding whether it is true or false, is whether it is interesting or boring."
Murray Davis (1999)
"The most common reason I see for manuscripts not being accepted is the size of the contributions."
Daniel Smith (2003) Who cares?
who else? Incremental innovations
Modular innovations
Architectural innovations
Radical innovations Henderson & Clarks' framework for defining innovation Rewrite introductions! "59% wrote the introduction somewhere in the middle of the process"
"45% reported rewriting the introduction more than ten times" What is a good theory? "A theorist is considered great, not because his theories are true, but because they are interesting."
Murray Davis (1971) Is "interesting" related to timing? Does "interesting" differ across disciplines? Wen Chang HOA 797 Philosophy of Science Does "Interesting" change during the writing process? "Research ... is not interesting."

"Reviewers are overly critical ..."

"Editors are too conservative ..."
Voss (2003) Why is the audience so small?
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