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Chains - Laurie Halse Anderson

No description

eleni bruno

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Chains - Laurie Halse Anderson

Isabel is a 13 year old African American who lived in Rhode Island with her younger sister Ruth. Her father had gotten sold away from the family, and her mother had died in the previous year. When her owner Miss Mary Finch died, she and Ruth got sold to another couple from New York City, a main location of fighting furing the Revolutionary War.
Isabel and the conflicts of being a slave.
Historical Background
Historical Context
Affects Character
How the Character Effects Conflict

This story took place during the Revolutionary War. There wasn't a lot of technology developed back then. The timeline of the Revolution was 1775-1783. Back then slavery had not been outlawed, so many people owned slaves. This war was fought between the tyrant British and the rebellious Americans. There were thirteen colonies in America so far, so there weren't many people among the colonies. They had to muster what solders they could to fight off the lobster backs, or otherwise known as the British. The Americans were fighting for their independence from the British. The colonies were frustrated that Britain was taxing them, and that they had no representation in the British Parliament, which is where the quote "No Taxation Without Representation" comes from. This is where the war started. During this time period, slavery was allowed, and people believed that blacks were sub-human. They were treated poorly and were forced to work for no pay.

These were some of the uniforms the soldiers had to wear
Laurie Halse Anderson
The confict is man vs society and since Isabel is dark-skinned , she is now a slave. Isabel is surrounded by many problems that are effecting how the setting changes over time. Isabel is a slave in New York and she has been sold to other people over time. Isabel's sister, Ruth, has also been through these dramatic changes.
Picture it!
Family, courage, and identity all come into a play in the theme
Other Conflicts. . .
More Conflicts. . .
-During the Revolutionary War
-If fought for freedom, the promise is death
-Isabel and Ruth become
of NYC

Isabel is supported emotionally by her new but small slave family. However, their owners are cluless about how close these families can become.
The UK Cover
The historical time period of this book is The Revolutionary War. During this time, slavery was still legal. Isabel was a slave for a rich couple who lived in NYC. During her time there she was treated horridly and had terrible living conditions. The time period affected her because it allowed her to be a slave, and live with the bad conditions she did.
Any slave's identity is very unclear. Isabel is trying to uncover her identity by gaining freedom. But for now, she has to stick with an insecure girl who is trying to fight for her own existence.
Isabel's courage can take her far, even to the point where she could gain her freedom again.
Picture your self forced to do anything and everything your master wanted you to do and you have no control. This picture is an example of CHAINS used in the 1700's by slave owners. These chains represent the pain and hardship that the slaves went through. Pain was very common when you were a slave.
"Madam grabbed a painting from the wall and threw it down on my head. I raised my arm too late and the frame crashed into me. The blow made me addlepated and weakened my knees." (135 Anderson)
Examples of Pain that Isabel Went Through
"Our bed was a thin mattress stuffed with old corn husks in front of the potato bin." (62)
"The bin was more than half filled... and smelled of damp earth and worms... lying down was like lying in a bed of rocks." (282)
"When Ruth and I slept down here, the far corner of the cellar went muddy in a heavy rain." (284)
"Madam shot a sideways glance at me. 'I perfer the girl branded with the letter I for Insolence. It will alert people to tendencies and serve as a reminder of her weakness.'" (145 Anderson)
By Eleni Bruno

Analiesa Quindlen,

Chris Mcrea,

Courtney Hicks,


Eleni Bruno
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