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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

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Sam Le

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

"Find your Flavor"
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Make it global!
Change perspective
Future Plan
Herbert Hyman
(1932 - 2014)
Business Model
Los Angeles
Complex with Starbucks
Over 900 self-oewned & franchised in the U.S. and 25 countries.
Starbucks is not a competior that The Coffee Beans want to pursue!
Mr. Andrew Nguyen - CEO of The Coffee Bean in Vietnam
Best coffee the world has to offer
The finest beans from the most prestigious growers on earth
Caramel Ice Blended
Frozen sensation
Iced coffee
Refreshing and bold coffee taste

Crème Bruleè Latte
Creamy aroma
"Amazing tea starts with carefully nurtured relationships around the world"
Darker hue and Stronger taste result from the greater level of oxidation it undergoes during processing
Balanced qualities of both Delicacy and Depth
Herbal Infusion
Expertly hand blended drinks, derived from an adventurous array of Dried Fruits, Herbs flowers and Spices
Soothing, Top-quality whole leaf decaf teas feature favorite flavors and aromas in a relaxing 97 percent caffeine-free blend
Comes from the plant Camellia sinensis
CBTL Machine
Has 9 important elements
Customer Segment
The Youth, who are teens and working adults in their twenties.

Aligns itself with other major brands targeting the youth market.
Value proportion
Innovative: Ice blended
Numerous programs contributing to local and charitable causes.

Supporters of manyschools, charities and institutions both nationally and abroad that benefits our communities, customersand employees
Customer Relationship
The company’s CoreValues, F.R.O.T.H: Friendly, Respect, Ownership, Teamwork and Honesty.

Stores open their doors, they aren’t justopening them to customers—they are opening them to new Team Members.
Revenue Streams
Coffee, tea, gifts, sweets, and accessories online and at its café.
Annual revenue > $500 million
Key Resources
Employees :5000
Jobs added, prev 3 years: 5000
Key Activities
Located at high traffic, high visible locations.

Managing their foreign franchisees , including master franchising and company owned-stores.

Choosing master franchise as its form of franchising

Gain a competitive advantage

Key partnerships
Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan by master franchising.

Company-owned stores inHong Kong, Australia and United States.

Japan, Philippines andthe Middle East, franchising is more favored (since they are complex markets)
Cost structure
A weak cost structure
Higher than their competitors
French Deluxe ™vanilla and Special Dutch ™ Chocolate
Customer's Reviews
"Working environment"
"Friendly workers and free drinks"
"Great supervisors"
"Excellent standards on customer service"
"Great people, good chance to deal with large variety of beverages, bakery, products"
"There is not much room for growth"
"Minimum wage "
"Slow moving to make decisions or keep promises"
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf announces expansion plans for Sri Lanka
Using digital technology to help it respond to customers on a micro-local level.
Target consumer will be women and men from 18 to 40
About Our Coffee | The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Cost Advantages (The coffee bean tea leaf) - WikiWealth

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - Coffee & Tea - San Francisco, CA

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Goes Hyper-Local | ClickZ www.clickz.com
Matcha Latte
Silky texture and distinctive matcha green tea flavor
Tran Trong Kim
Nguyen Ngoc Bao Chau
Ly Nhat Quynh Nhu
Le Nguyen Hoang Thien

...One more thing
Q & A
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