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Connor Fleming

on 7 December 2016

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Historical Data
Modern Data
Plate Boundaries
Convection Currents
Divergent and Transform Plates
Potential High-Level Nuclear Waste Storage site
Google searches, and http://mshistorynow.mdah.state.ms.us/articles/293/nuclear-blasts-in-mississippi
Richton Dome, Mississippi
Atomic bombs were in the news in October 1964. Only 1 week before the Mississippi nuclear test, newspapers found that Communist China had donated Its first atomic bomb, which could damage the containers.
A test, known as the Sterling Event, took place on December 3, 1966 and involved detonation of a 380-ton device suspended in the cavity left by the previous test. Further non-nuclear explosive tests were later conducted in the remaining cavity.
There is a fault line that effects Mississippi. It can cause earthquakes.
Convection is heat transfer by mass motion of a fluid and a convection current is convection of the magma from the Mantle. One place this occurs is the Ring of Fire.
Divergent- Plate move away from each other letting magma come up above the surface This can also create volcanoes.
Transform- Two plate rub against each other and grind the crust causing earthquakes.
Probability of 5.0 or higher earthquakes is 0.49%
The population is about 1, 066 people
The closest nuclear energy plant is the Grand Gulf Generating Station
Potential High-Level Nuclear Waste Storage Site continued
Wilcox Beds, little is known about them such as the rate and direction they travel
Two plate boundaries occur here in Richton, Diverging and Transform.
Resulting Features Or Events
The divergent plates can cause volcanoes and valleys.
The transform plates can cause earthquakes.
Video On Nuclear Waste
Over several dozen years, salt will settle around the containers, forming a rocky seal. That self-sealing ability also protects the site from cracks caused by earthquakes—any that open will quickly close. So far, the site has been successful in containing radiation from the waste.
There are no volcanoes in or near Richton Mississippi.
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