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Trina Bozeman

on 13 October 2017

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Transcript of DBHDD Apex




Benefits for APEX Commitment

APEX Outcomes Measures
Facilitated by Parent Partner
Open and offered to ALL parents/guardians
Parent Support Groups

CAMP APEX Summer Program
Benefits to Camp APEX
Provided resources for families otherwise lacking in our area
Engaged youth and provided continuity of services during summer break
Reinforce sustainability through diverse, billable services
Evolved perspective of mental health services
Challenges Identified
APEX Offices
Lack of FULL school cooperation with data collection
Solution recommendation: Increase "buy-in" through various means such as PBIS team member and sponsorship

Low enrollment rate in higher grade level schools requiring mid year restructuring
Solution recommendation: Bridge communication/knowledge gaps through regular meetings with teachers and staff for each school (school preferences is quarterly)

Changes to DBHDD data reporting (monthly vs quarterly)
Solution recommendation: Continue monthly programmatic but report on new data in collaboration with school reporting (every 9 weeks) to maintain overall fidelity and consistency
APEX Schools:
Sherwood Acres Elementary (Year 3)
Worth County Elementary (Year 3)
Early County Alternative (Year 3)
Lee County Elementary (Year 3)
Early County Elementary (Year 2)
Lee County Middle East (Year 2)
Robert H Harvey Elementary (Year 2)
Worth County Primary (Year 2)
Worth County High (Year 1)
Lee County Primary (Year 1)
Early County Middle (Year 1)
Radium Springs Elementary (Year 1)
Radium Springs Middle (Year 1)
13 schools in 4 counties
APEX Offices
Year 1:
Year 2:
Year 3:
Individualize APEX office, policies, and procedures to fit your school
Collaborate for beginning and/or end of school celebrations
Provide Suicide Prevention and/or Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainings
Provide school wide behavior and/or character education curriculum
Provide individualized classroom tools and interventions for teachers
Provide general mental health resources for library and counselor
Continued benefits from Year 1
Facilitate and cater regular lunch and learns for teachers
Begin small group therapy (ability to co-facilitate with counselors)
Facilitate regular meetings to minimize communication gaps between school faculty and Aspire staff
Join PBIS team or other steering committees for your school
Continued benefits from Year 1 and Year 2
Facilitate regular workshops/support groups for ALL parents
APEX Enrollment
Number of youth served in FY 16-17:

Number of youth served in FY 17-18:
Engagement Strategies
Engagement Process
Facilitated by Parent Partner
Group to encourage engagement and investment from parents/guardians

6 week summer program offered to all students enrolled
Adult Volunteers
Camp Counselors
Personal Boundaries and Self Control
Bullying Prevention and Peer Pressure
Embracing Change
Self Identity and Self Expression
Family and Support Systems
"I thought camp was going to be lame. It surprised me."
"I like the whole camp concept. Group makes therapy less awkward."
"I got to do things I haven't done before."
"I liked everything we did with our hands. Lets do more where we make more of a mess like splatter painting."
Level of measured outcomes
Individual student
School wide
District wide

Outcomes measured
Number of behavior referrals
Grade Point Average
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