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Nora Alicia Ford

hey so this was my first prezi .....so dont judje me and i wont judge u okay.T-hanks people

Nora Ford

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Nora Alicia Ford

Daily Life: ME So my daily life is basically like this...''get up and go to school'',my parents say ,''so u can get an education.My responce " sure i do...................... everyday''.And im off to school.But at least i have my BFF....Camryn.This chick is the awesomest person you'll probably ever meet.Don't judge her Or i'll be waitin for YOU!!! I'm only 12 and in middle school,my brother will be leavin soon for high school so this isn't gonna be fun... is it ? Last Slide Thanks for movin to the last slide!If you stoped half way the through this prezi...forget you and if you didn't thanks for your time.This Prezi was just some things about me .If ya'll get a chance ,check out my bff's profile.Camryn Lindsey.Ok now ....Ya'll Come Back Now Ya Here!!!! Hello fellow humans,My name Is Nora .PLease read the desciption okay...thanks :) My Weirdness& Randomness Ok so in my profile i said i was weird ...yes weird.Everyone is alright! Don't Judge Me.But People are always critisicing me because I'm light,talk weird,walk funny,tomboy,girly girl,just everything in life and it's driving me nuts!!!!! No one is alike and everyone is different.It doesn't matter.So get over yourselves.Now move on to the next slide >>>>>>>>>>>>>> <3 Things that tick me off >girls that act fake
>people who worry too much
>bullies{seriously chill out}
>people that don't know when 2 shut up
>H8rs....keep hatin ty
>That's it i guess..next slide please Okay as before i said to read the desciption.So this is it.The following things u are about to read is absolutlly true and somewhat funny!! WARNING: Extreme Laughter May Be Caused. Nora Alicia Ford
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