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Genres (1A)

Literary Analysis, Grade 8, Lesson 1

Amy Edmonds-Frost M.S.

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Genres (1A)

Tall Tale
a story that might be true, but is exaggerated.
has magic and/or talking animals.
has gods/goddesses and usually accounts for the crea
ion of something
funny story set in the Wild West; main character’s size or skill exaggerated
short story with talking animals and a moral (clearly stated).
writing about someone else’s life
life story written by oneself
explains something
tries to influence the reader -
very similar to "Argumentative"
set in the past and based on real people and/or events
has aliens, robots, futuristic technology and/or space ships
has no elements of fantasy; could be true but is not
has monsters, magic, or super
The Main
Five Genres:

1. Fiction
2. Nonfiction
A. Persuasive Writing:
1. Fiction
Literary Genres
Texts can be separated into groups
3. Folklore
ideas or stories that are not true but
that many people have heard or read about.

2. Nonfiction
3. Folklore
5. Poetry
4. Drama
Let's look
at the
1 3!
Literature that is imagined, invented or made up:

Taking notes with a Prezi presentation:
Items that are underlined indicate it is a major title and should be bold and underlined in your notes as well.
Whenever there is a (pencil) in a frame, you need to write that information in your notes.
Number and space the material on the notes just as they are shown here.
When a new frame is shown with an , you do not have to write it in your notes.
A. Historical Fiction:
B. Science Fiction:
C. Realistic Fiction:
D. Fantasy:
Literature that is about facts or real events.
B. Informational Writing:
C. Autobiography:
D. Biography:
A. Fable:
B. Myth:
C. Tall Tale:
D. Fairy Tale:
E. Legend:
Let's try it out!
The Lion and
the Mouse
Retold by Larry Raney
A Lion was sleeping when a Mouse woke him. The Lion was about to eat him when the
Mouse said, “Let me go and I won’t forget it. Who knows?
Maybe I’ll help you some day." The Lion laughed so much at
this idea that he let the mouse go. Some time later the Lion was caught in a hunter’s trap. The little Mouse
happened to pass by and, seeing the trapped Lion, he gnawed through the ropes and freed him.
Little friends can be a big help.
Read each story and determine the genres.
Brides of War
1942, as World War II is raging, three young ladies fall in love with three very different soldiers. These odd couples wind up on a triple date off-base one night. This seemingly romantic evening explodes into a situation that could make or break the allied war effort.
The Many
Adventures of
Robin Hood
Adapted by Kirk Young
Pecos Bill
The Awesome Book of Sharks
A History of the United States
for People
By Gloria Mallon
In this work, Young retells the many folktales concerning the mythical Robin Hood, who may have been a real person. In these adventures Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives to the poor in fascinatingly dashing ways. These tales have captured the imaginations of millions of delighted readers through the ages.
This book offers rare insights into the deep-sea lives of one of nature’s deadliest, yet most misunderstood, killing machines. Learn where sharks live, what they eat, and how they bear their young. This book gives readers an up-close view of a shark’s life.
by Carrie Ann Powers
by Sarah Mills
Mills retells the adventures of one of the most celebrated figures from the Wild West. Raised by a pack of coyotes, Bill goes on to become the toughest cowboy in the world, using a rattlesnake as a lasso, riding a mountain lion, and eating dynamite. You won’t believe these stories!
Zapp tells the untold history of the United States by focusing on the unrepresented minority groups: women, Native Americans, and African Americans. Using rare documents from the deepest archives of American history, Zapp provides a wealth of interesting information and brings readers to some stunning conclusions.
Now you try on your own!
Complete this worksheet
Genres and
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