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Peerwith Institutional Solutions

Peerwith offers a variety of services, such as centralized billing and local language support. Ensuring more success and (international) recognition for your institute and researchers.

Your Prezis

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Peerwith Institutional Solutions

Peerwith offers access to a
large pool
of language and scientific editors, translators, visual artists and academic consultants.

All ready to help
other academics reaching their
academic goals
such as
publishing in the right journal.
If you would like to know more
please feel free to contact me

Giuliana Myrick
Bing-Hong Huang, a Ph.D.
student at National Taiwan Normal University chose

Joanna Mackie, PhD based in the UK as his expert, and they successfully collaborated on making his manuscript
for an
international journal.
We are aware that it can be challenging for
non-english speaking authors to publish in international scientific journals.
can be an important
, but also the
lack of access
scientific consultants
can prevent talented scientists from reaching the right academic audience and making a
greater impact
in their community and the world.
Consolidated Billing
Institutional Budget
Publication Support
Institutional Dashboard
Many academics struggle to get their work published internationally.
The challenge
Peerwith connects academics to the right experts
We offer a variety of services and tools to
integrate seamlessly
in your institution.
Work directly with trusted experts and receive one monthly invoice for all services provided through Peerwith

More than 500 experts are offering their services
Make a pre-payment that fits in
your budget planning to control
user expenditure.

Let us assist you in getting your
manuscripts published in
international, indexed journals
with impact factors.

Single point of contact for
integrated customer support, in
local language.

‘This collaboration
has been a real pleasure.’
'I highly recommend collaborations with Dr. Joanna Mackie. She provided many details and revised my manuscript very carefully.'
Bing-Hong Huang, Taiwan
Joanna Mackie, PhD. UK
Institutional Solutions
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