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Women part IN the civil war

No description

Alysha Da Red Head

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Women part IN the civil war

Harriet Tubman became the first woman in the country’s history to lead a military expedition. One of the most famous Confederate spies,when she was 17 was arrested for shooting a Union soldier who had broken into her family’s home and insulted her mother. An although homosexuality wasn't brought to light 30 years after the war , May 13, 1862, ''prostitutes of both sexes" was reported men and women openly displaying themselves in carriages and on sidewalks.
woman In Our War. There Impact.
Many woman in the Northern states, put together a group called ladies aid societies. They did many things from supplying the Union troops with everything they needed like food.The woman would plant gardens for the soldiers with vegetables, and even make canned foods. They also knitted clothing from the men like socks, blankets and pillowcases, also gloves.They would go door to door for fundraisers, organize country fairs and did performances. All to support their husbands or even a complete stranger, as a woman or a nurse.

Do not think woman didn't have their tricks to be apart of this war, because they did. Spies! Woman would take papers to far unknown place , even charm on navy men and slowly have them reveal there secrets.They also got information about enemy plans, and identified Confederate spies. A woman would devote so much that she was caught and was sentenced to be hanged by the confederates, luckily she was unexpectedly saved by union forces.
Although many women were doing very great things, the time of the war was a great depression towards many. During the 1800s Prostitution had a huge growth! Some become so desperate to support themselves, there husbands and many other members of there family at war.At camp, there would be woman photographs and soldiers( especially married men) would pay $1.20 for a dozen photographs of woman (usually black or indian woman). Prostitution was involved more in small towns. When many army's would pass by to camp in town, sex trade was very common.
Women's part IN the civil war
Many woman from both sides cut there hair, trained like an actual solider and fought in our civil war. More than 400 woman disguised themselves as men, many just simply got away with it as if that was allowed. Although
we would never know exactly how much , it was not hard at all to pretend to be a union or confederate solider. Many men were so young that having high pitched voices and hairless faces were not a clear sign.

Many woman had to take on the role of family businesses and put in there time as nurses. Of course they found that un-lady like yet over time there help was needed.There were only about 150 hospitals in the entire country, and no nursing schools at all .
Joseph Hooker was in command around those depressed times, this originally were the term
'' hooker'' was
originated from.
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