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Copy of Verb Tense Shift

No description

Kodi Knight

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Verb Tense Shift

Verb Tense Shift
Switching from past
tense to present tense through the use of verbs.
The problem that
people have with verb
tense shift is how to
differentiate between the uses of past and present tense verbs in reading and writing.
Correct Usage: Staying in the correct tense when using verbs.
Incorrect Example
He quickly run to the store.
He quickly run to the store.
The incorrect use of a past tense verb.
The Correct Tense:
He quickly ran to the store.
Using the correct past verb tense.
Mr. Bishop saw poorly because he never wears his glasses.
Ben jumps into the river to save
his best friend.
URRRRRR! It should be
jumped following the past tense
setting of the entire sentence.
Professor Jenkinson walks swiftly to the front of the class.
Your hands smells like vegetable beef stew.
smell= following present tense stance of the sentence
Jimmy sat quietly and eat his sandwich.
It should be ate, past tense.
Tommy sat on the couch and started
to fall asleep. He quickly
remembers his homework and wakes
himself up to finish it.
Remember to stay in the same tense throughout a paragraph.
Went from past tense to present tense.
Ramona was jumping rope with her friends when she lost her shoe. She runs over to her shoe, picked it up and put it back on her foot.
The verb runs should follow the
past tense setting of the paragraph and instead be ran.
That's wrong boys
and girls.
It should be walked.
Sneezing loudly, Angie covered
her nose. As she grabbed a tissue,
her friend says bless you.
Covered her nose . . . grabbed a tissue, meaning past tense which means that her friend's comment should also be past tense not present tense.
I know how you
feel Angie.
The ocean contains rich minerals that washed
down from rivers and streams.
Washed should be wash, following the present tense setting of the sentence.
Yesterday we walk to school, but later rode the bus home.
Yesterday we walked to the school, but later rode the bus home
Yesterday and rode are both past tense meaning that walk should also be past tense.
Will Work
Will Talk
Verb Tenses
Verb Tense Quiz
1. She caught the ball and then throws it to the catcher for the out.
A. And then throws it
B. And then threw it
C. And will throw it
2. I walked down to the edge of the water and dipped my toe in. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Jason grabs my arm and pushed me into the pool.
A. Jason grabbed
B. Jason grabs
C. Jason begins to grab
3. She intenteded to play for the upcoming season, but then she blows out her knee.
A. She blows out
B. She blew out
C. She had blown out
4. During the movie, Sam stood up and then drops his popcorn.
A. And then dropped
B. And then drops
C. And then begins to drop
5. When Sam was a puppy, he was so uncoordinated that he often falls down.
A. He often falls
B. He often fell
C. He would often falls
That's it boys and
girls, adios!
The verb wears should be wore
following the past tense setting of the sentence.
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