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The Odyssey Timeline

Paola Valerio Montalvo #13 9F

paola valerio

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of The Odyssey Timeline

The Odyssey Troy Odysseus was not at his home in
Ithaca with Penelope his wife
and Telemachus his son. He
went to help Greece with the
invasion of Troy. He fought
them and he was one of the few
survivors to come back from
the war. Ogygia Island / Calypsos Island Odysseus went to Calypsos Island
in search of Ithaca. Calypso traps
Odysseus in her island for seven years
because she was in love with him. After
Hermes went to the island to make a deal
with Calypso, she helped Odysseus build a
raft and finally lets him go. Scheria Poseidon creates a storm and
destroys the raft of Odysseus. Therefore,
Athena helps him get to the island of Sheria,
home of the Phaecians. Odysseus falls
asleep under a pile of leaves. Land of Cyclopes Odysseus and his men landed in the island
of the Cyclopes, they wanted to see if the
Cyclopes were friends or enemies. When
they get to the island they enter a cave, which was owned by Polyphemus a Cyclops. He closed the cave and kept Odysseus and the others there. He ate some of them. Odysseus drunk Polyphemus and while he slept he blinded his only eye. Odysseus and his crew got back to their boat and scape while the Cyclopes prayed to Poseidon so they could never return home. Aeolus They arrive to Aeolus next. The
King of Wind lives here. He gives
them first strong wings so they
can go back home. Then he gives them a box and specifically tells them to only open it when there back in Ithaca. Land of Laestrygones Odysseus and his companions arrive to
the Land of Laestrygones. When they
got there, the cannibals attacked them. Only
45 could survive the attack plus Odysseus. Sea of Ithaca Aeolus Aeaea The Land of the Dead Land of Circe The cave of
Scylla and Charybdis. Thrinacia Calypsos Island Ithaca Odysseus and his men were
already on the sight of Ithaca.
They decided to open the box. The
consequence was for them to
return to Aeolus. They got back to Aeolus. The king
sensed they were being retrieved. He
didn't help them any more. Odysseus
and his crew decided to leave the island. Odysseus arrived to Aeaea the place
where Goddess Circe lived. Odysseus first
send a few of his men to explore the island.
The men went to meet Circe except Eurylochus,
he sensed something was bad. Circe turned
the men to pigs. Eurylochus came back and
told Odysseus. Odysseus gets a magical plant
from Hermes called moly, he drinks it and goes
to Circe´s palace and makes a deal. Circe lets
them go after one year but they had to go to
the Land of the Dead to hear a prophecy. Odysseus and his men went to the land
of the Dead next. They arrived and
heard a prophecy from the ghost of
Tiresias. Then they came back to Earth. Odysseus and his men are back to Circe’s island. Meanwhile Odysseus men where asleep, Circe
talks to Odysseus about the underworld, to hear
what happened. She also gives him advice
for the cave of Scylla and Charybdis. Before they went in the cave Odysseus and his men were surrounded by three Sirens but they could pass them by using the advice of Circe Odysseus and his men entered Scylla and Charybdis cave. Scylla was inside the cave
so she ate some of Odysseus crew. At the
end of the cave Charybdis ate everything
that Scylla couldn't eat. Odysseus and just four
of his men could survive this, they sailed on. Odysseus and his men went to Thrinacia
the land of Helios. They were stuck there
with no food. They wanted food so Odysseus
went to look for some but passed out under
some leaves. His men started eating the things
of the castle. Helios gets mad and sends Zeus to
destroy Odysseus ship and to kill all his men. Odysseus floated in the sea until he got to his next destination. Odysseus gets alone to the island of Calypso.She
keeps him there seven years. Calypso is in love with Odyssues. After those years, Zeus sends Hermes to make a deal with Calypso so Odysseus can leave to his home. Calypso agrees to the deal and helps Odysseus build a raft
where he had to be 20 days sailing and then go home. Odysseus stayed 20 days in the raft and the last day he swam to Ithica. Odysseus arrived to his home Ithaca
10 years later after the war of Troy. He had to
sail 20 days before getting back. His
journey ended there since he was already
at home. Author: Homer The Odyssey is a story written by the author Homer. The main character of this epic poem is Odysseus. Reading a complex piece of work is important to read because we learn to understand in a more open way. We have to learn how to read this type of stories since most of the past books were written like this. These books help us to understand literature more and to have an open mind to the different types of ways authors write. PowerPoint “Goddess she is, or lady. Shall we greet her?” “Must you have battle in your heart forever?
The bloody toil of combat? Old contender,
will you not yield to the immortal gods?” “A second course lies between headlands.” “My faithful company rested on their oars now.” “Ornate birds here rested their stretched wings—
horned owls, falcons, cormorants—long-tongued
beachcombing birds, and followers of the sea.” Paola Valerio #|3 9F The odyssey “One is a sharp mountain
piercing the sky, with storm cloud round the peak
dissolving never, not in the brightest summer.” he wanderer, harried for years on end,
after he plundered the stronghold
on the proud height of Troy.” “Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story
of that man skilled in all ways of contending, and singing high and low
in her sweet voice, before her loom a-weaving,
she passed her golden shuttle to and fro.” “Upon her hearthstone a great fire blazing
scented the farthest shores with cedar smoke
and smoke of thyme, ‘So: all those trials are over.” “Then said the Lady Circe:
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