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"Gettysburg Address"

No description

Ma. de los Angeles Suarez

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of "Gettysburg Address"

"Gettysburg Address"
By Abraham Lincoln

Ma. de los Angeles Suarez
Dunia Quintero

Abraham Lincoln
Born on February 12th, 1809
16th President of the United States
Lawyer and Congressman
Set free the slaves
Shot dead on April 15th, 1865

Purpose and Audience
What is the speaker trying to accomplish?
Abraham Lincoln wanted to unify the country as the Founding Fathers would have wanted, he was giving the audience a task to preserve the union of their Nation.
Purpose and Audience
Who was the Audience?
The address was given to the local dignitaries assembled for the dedication of the US National Cemetery at Gettysburg, PA. It was an audience of only a few dozen people.
Purpose and Audience
When Was the speech given?
On the afternoon of Thursday, November 19, 1863
Purpose and Audience
Where was the speech given?
It was given at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania,
Purpose and Audience
Who was the speaker?
President Abraham Lincoln
Content and Tone
What were the important points that were to be made?
- All men are created equal
- The survival of the Nation
- A new birth of freedom
Content and Tone
What information did the audience need?
Content and Tone
What attitude did the speech convey?
It conveys an attitude of hope for a country that was facing a civil war, also respect for those who fought for their country
Did the speech contain repetition?
He uses "can not dedicate.. can not consecrate.. can not hallow" that gives power to the speech and makes it memorable
Did the speech have a clear beginning, middle, and end?
Yes, each paragraph has very strong arguments and a correct structure
Did the speech contain parallel structure?
Was the vocabulary appropriate?
Yes, as the President of the United States Lincoln used a very sophisticated language that went with the occasion and his job at the time.
He used words not too scientific and not too ordinary, also he avoid the controversy and hide the slavery topic with softer words.
Was the sentence structure appropriate?
Yes, the speech was very easy to understand because of the structure and the length
What first impression did the speaker create?
That he was going to talk about the beginning of the United States as a result of the Independence in 1776
How was the dress and appearance of the speaker appropriate to the speech?
Because of the date of the speech we can't have photos of President Lincoln giving the speech but we assume he must have been dressed elegant and neat which was perfect for the speech
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