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on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Questions?


Please let me know; I don’t read minds.

A Jedi, I am not…

Don’t forget about the library and the people who can help you there
Use the handouts they gave you
Use home access
Internet Sources:
While most info here is disorganized and unreliable,
Hone in on keyword searches
Try and try again (AND, OR, NOT)

Again, Support Helps A Lot
Where to Look for Support
Answers the following questions :

Does it lead to more questions being asked?

Do you have ideas about the topic that you can already start with?

Will it be an intellectual challenge?

Are there plenty of resources available to help with the topic?
A Good Topic ...
Beyond Choosing a Topic
Situational Analysis Paper
(Re)Reading the play really helps
Reading and writing go hand in hand here
Come to class
Don’t wait till the last minute
Give yourselves time to do this
Ask for help when needed
Research can be fun!
Ballenger, Bruce. The Curious Researcher: A Guide to Writing Research Papers. 2nd ed. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1999.
Please Remember …
Notetaking is important, so don’t skip it

Writing as you read is more efficient than not

Take notes now, write more efficiently later (p. 106)

Good notetaking = little incidence of plagiarism

Avoid plagiarism by giving credit in/after paper
Survey what’s been written
Does the author mention something of
Some point you want to look at more closely?
Some point you take issue with?
Getting Dirty
must drive your analysis.

Have you asked yourself:

What do you want to know about your topic?

What do you not know and want to know more about?

What topic best drives your curiosity?

What questions could you generate about this topic?
Really, Start Here
Things to Know
Know the purpose for writing this paper: To explore and argue thesis

Do more than simply report on a particular topic/organization

A good topic is something you wonder about, have questions over, find interest in

For this paper, "you must evaluate, judge, interpret, and analyze" your topic (7)
Getting Started
Again, "Find an angle on a familiar topic that helps readers see what they probably haven’t noticed before" (p. 75).

to narrow your topic.

to stay on target.

to make sure your subtopics support/enhance your thesis.

to use APA headings.

to use multi-paragraph points.
Focusing Your Subject
Assume your audience to be educated, informed over assignment

Develop argument from start of paper

Follow APA format in paper, citations, references page

No use of "I" or personal narrative

Assume an "academic" tone
Books (hard copy and electronic)
Database/journal articles
(these are not internet)
Your thinking about the organization and arguing/supporting thesis.
Organizational website
Current textbooks
Internet articles (3 or less)
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