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Mr. Stack

on 26 May 2017

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Transcript of Caracol

Caracol is one of the ancient Maya civilizations.
All of the pyramids are made from limestone.
Fun Fact
Caracol means snail in spanish,
They chose this name because of all the snail shells they found there.
Fun Fact
Caracol's largest pyramid's name is Caana. Caana means sky palace.
One type of pyramid was a sacred pyramid built to one of their gods. The Maya didn't touch or climb on these pyramids. There were still steps on the sides of these pyramids, but it often took a lot of effort to climb these pyramids because of how steep the stairs are. Sometimes these pyramids were built with hidden or secret traps doors and tunnels.

Fun Fact
Fun Fact
Most of the time the new pyramids were built on top of old pyramids. Archeologists have found several older pyramid inside of the newer pyramids

This is alter 12. It has Mayan hieroglyphics carved into it.
Secret tunnel
This is what the pyramids look like before they are dug out.
The Maya would carve
hieroglyphics into stone to
write things down. Still today there are
messages on the pyramids.
A hieroglyph is a Mayan letter.
This is the court that the Maya would play a ball game called Pitz
This is the ball for Pitz.
This rubber ball was what the Maya tried to hit through the hoop.
This is the hoop the rubber ball would go through.
Pitz is a ball game the Maya would play. The court was built in between two pyramids. There would be a hoop on each side of the court. The Maya would have to hit the ball through the hoop with out using their hands.
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