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No description

Racistgroup group

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Racism

A problem thats been around for ages
Our purpose in completing this exhibition project is to fulfill our obligations to Westward I.B program. We would like to inform, and educate those in our global community about racism in the media, and all around the world.
Charts and Graphs
Top 10 racist countries
10. India
8. Russia
7. Isarel
6. Germany
5. Japan
4. Ruanda
3. Australlia
2. United Kingdom
1. United States
Statement of Purpose
1. What is racism
2.Are we so different
3.Does racism exist among children
4.Is there racism in the media
5.Does race have an affect on police brutality
6.What race of people are most racist
Is racism an inherited behavior or a learn behavior
Is racism a global issue
Are race relations in America today getting better or worse
10. What can we do to stop racism
1. Racism is the belief that a
Good evening and welcome to our exhibition project on racism. Racism is the belief that all members of each race possess a characteristics of ability's specific to that race. This evening we plan on looking deeper into a very serious topic. We plan on looking at racism in the media and how it effects what we believe and the choices we make.

particularly race is superior or inferior to another.
2. No we are not so different we are all members of the human race.
3.Ideas about racism may pop up into some kids minds since racism is all around us,but that doesnt mean they are actully racist
4.Yes there is racism because people usually post racist things on social media.
5.yes because there have been more than one cases where a police has killed someone of the opposite race.
By: Aieda Phipps,Frantasia Bannister, Hailey Owens and Selena Sajous
6.In America blacks are considered one of the most races people are racist.
7. Racism is a learned behavior
because 95% out of 100% of parents
try to keep their kids away from racism.
8.Yes racism is a global issue because its a problem all around the world.
9.Race relations are getting better because there has been less of it.
10.We can stop racism when we see it and go tell a grown up.
Black attack whites 25 times more than whites attack blacks and blacks commit aggervated assault on whites 200 times more than whites on blacks when one takes their representation in the population into consideration.
In 2013 blacks committed 5,375 murders in America and whites committed 4,396. Whites comprise 63% of the population black 13%.
African-Americans numbered about 34.2 million in 1997, making up 12.8 Percent of the total U.S. population, according to tabulations released by the Commerce Department's Census Bureau (Feb. 7, 2000)
Racism is a big issue in our
our community and worldwide.
Hopefully after listening to
our presentation you are to do
something about it.
First and foremost we would like to thank all of our parents for coming out and supporting us. We will also like to thank each other for working hard on our Exhibition project.Last but not least I will like to thank my teacher because without him we wouldn't know how to do Exhibition.
Work Cited
Do Something.org
3.Stunning facts about racism
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