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Crash Course of Roman History

No description

Ariel Wright

on 6 December 2016

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Transcript of Crash Course of Roman History

Crash Course of Roman History
"arma virumque cano"
Imperium Romanorum
Res Publica Romanorum
Rome becomes a Republic by overthrowing T. Superbus and now they hate kings.
Founding of Rome
Aeneas flees from the burning city of Troy. Romans believe Romulus and Remus to be descendants of Aeneas.
Mythical founding of Rome
Romulus and Remus in 753 B.C.
The Kingdom of Rome
There were VII Kings of Rome:
753 BC - 715 BC
715 BC - 673 BC

His reign was a golden age!
Numa Pompilius
673 BC - 642 BC

Warrior who would rather declare war than even hold a meeting
Tullius Hostilius
The Founder!
642 BC - 617 BC
Ancus Martius
Excellent administrator, ruler, warrior, priest, and diplomat.
616 BC- 579 BC
L. Tarquinius Priscus
578 BC - 535 BC
Servius Tullius
534 BC - 510 BC
Tarquinius Superbus
Revolt of the Plebs
Plebs revolt against Patricians in 494 BC
Comes out of retirement, puts down his plow, takes up position of dictator to save Rome. After #winning he resigns and returns to his farm in 458 BC.
Leges Duodecim Tabularum
Rome develops first code of written law in 451 BC.
The Gauls invade Rome and sack / plunder the city in 390 BC. This is way bad!
The construction of the first aqueduct and major Roman road in 312 BC.
Rome defeats the Latin League in 340...
... and will control the entire Italian Peninsula by 275 BC.
Them's fightin' words
The Punic Wars
Ist Punic War
IInd Punic War
Ego sum Spartacus!
Another slave uprising occurs in the Servile War led by a slave from Thrace named Spartacus (73-71 BC). Crassus will suppress the revolt, and have 6,000 slaves crucified on the via Appia.
Ist Triumvirate
Julius Caesar


Conquers all of Gaul in 58-51 BC. Is considered the best Roman general.
Crosses the Rubicon river, to reclaim control of the Republic from Pompey. This causes a "civil war" from 49-45 BC but Caesar is victorious and names himself dictator.
After being aware he will lose the "civil war" with Caesar in 45 BC, he flees to Egypt, where he is beheaded by Ptolemy VIIth.
The wealthiest man in Rome. He is murdered in 53 BC by notoriously having molten gold poured down his throat by the Parthians in an attempt to demonstrate the man's own greed.
Beware the Ides of March!
Caesar is assassinated by the Senate and stabbed 27 times (once per participating Senator) in the curia. Bad news bears...
The epic name change
Octavian defeats M. Antony after a civil war from 44 BC - 31 BC. Victorious, Octavian returns to Rome and is now called Augustus. The Senate names Augustus Imperator. Thus ends the Roman Republic.
Technically speaking, the empire of Rome exists (whether in one piece or more) from 30 BC- 1453 AD
Julio- Claudian
27 BC - 14 AD
Begins the Pax Romana, Rome's Golden Age
Known for being pious and virtuous
14 AD-37 AD
"The emperor who trusted Sejanus (Praetorian Guard) and who lived on Capri"
BTW: Capri is NOT in Rome
"little boots"
37 - 41
"the evil emperor who proclaimed himself a god"
He also tried to name his horse (incitatus) as a Senator
He is most definitely assassinated by the Praetorian Guard at the req. of the Senate
41- 54
"The bumbling, drooling emperor who was elected as a joke"
54 -68
"The mad tyrant who blamed Christians for the Great Fire of Rome"
He also waged war against Neptune and ordered his troops to start stabbing the sea
Year of the IV Emperors
After Nero, there is a civil war
Assassinated; known for being bald and corpulent
The greedy ruler who lasted just three months
The man who killed his own son, then was himself killed.
Vespasian, as a general will defeat his opponents and rise to be emperor. Thus ending the struggle known as the year of the four emperors.
The emperor who built the Flavian Amphitheatre on Nero's man made lake.
Restores order to the Empire.
The emperor who destroyed the temple in Jerusalem
The evil emperor who murders thousands of Christians. Noted for soaking them in oil and lighting them aflame to use as lamps.
Adoptive Emperors
The first of the five good emperors
The emperor who left the legacy of Trajan's market and victory column
117- 138
The empire is the largest under Hadrian's rule, he also built a wall to keep the barbarian Scottish out of the Brittania.
Antoninus Pius
The excellent emperor!
Marcus Aurelius
161 - 180
The philosopher, last of the five good emperors.
Doesn't adopt the next emperor; it's his son... sounds a lot like a king...
180- 192
More savage than Domitian, more foul than Nero
He thinks he's Hercules!!!
Yet another civil war...
Murdered by the Praetorian Guard
Didius Julianus
The man who paid to become emperor... should have specified for how long...
Septimius Severus
Will regain control of the empire after a civil war and a few rulers.
Septimius Severus
193 - 211
Emperor who increased Praetorian Guards to 50,000 and was a little too trusting of his sons
211 - 217
The common enemy of mankind
Does not share well with his brother
Supposed to have co-ruled with Caracalla. After their father's death, Caracalla murders Geta and he suffers
"damnatio memoriae"
ergo: no pic of poor Geta :(
217 -218
The Praetorian Guard who assassinated Caracalla and usurped his power
218 - 222
He married a Vestal Virgin then took a husband. Was formerly a high priest of the cult of Mithras in Syria.
Alexander Severus
222- 235
He revoked all former edicts against Christians
Other Important Emperors
284 - 305
Splits the Roman Empire into 2 parts, East and West
307 - 337
Moves the capitol of the empire from Rome to a city named after himself, Constantinople. 1st Christian emperor.
Romulus Augustus
475 - 476
The last emperor of the Western Roman Empire
Drained the forum and created a sewage system for the city. He was murdered.
Made many social and political reforms, made him unpopular and he was overthrown.
Rumored to have overthrown his successor, it was only a matter of time before he would be overthrown. He is forced into exile, thus ending the Kingdom of Rome.
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