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Spain EFtours weshare project

No description

Andrea Green

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of Spain EFtours weshare project

How does the food in Spain differ from that of the United States?
Spanish food tends to be more fresh and healthier because of the availability of fresh food markets. Seafood and pasta are very common and they are not only used in internationally popular dishes but they are also incorporated into traditional meals. Desserts are lighter and healthier than in America. They include churros, sponge cakes, fruit and light ice cream. Many spices and flavors are purchased from fresh markets giving the dish an entirely different, local taste. Overall, Spanish food is a combination of international favorites and traditional dishes created from fresh and natural foods purchased from local markets making the variety healthy and simple.
Personal Impact
One thing about the diet of Spanish people that effected me was the lack of gluten in their bread and processed foods. After returning home, I had to adjust to eating gluten again. This is just another sign that Spanish food is healthier. Gluten is not good for you yet so many American products have it. Knowing that Spanish food was more natural and fresh made me feel better about what I was eating.
Global Impact
Seafood is very popular throughout Spain because of it's large coast. Although chicken is not uncommon, beef and pork are not seen as much as they are in America. Seafood is not only very good for you but all the seafood there is fresh.
Desserts- Spanish
Churros are the most popular desserts in Spain, however, many places we went had various kinds of fruit for dessert. Even the cakes were light and easy not dense and rich. Spanish desserts are lighter and healthier than American desserts.
Fresh food markets, much like our Saturday Farmer's Markets, exist in many Spanish cities. The markets include anything from fruit, vegetables and fish to spices, jewelry and scarves. Because these are so common, most people visit the market multiple times a week making their meals healthier and more fresh.
How does the food in Spain differ from that of the United States?
Pasta is also very popular in Spain. Not only is it used for local dishes like paella but also for common things like spaghetti and spaghetti carbonara.
American desserts are more filling and rich with sugar and chocolate than Spanish desserts.
Churros are not only very popular in Spain but also many other parts of the world. Although very different in America, they are a connection between the US and Spain. I hope that other traditional and popular dishes like paella will become a link between the two countries as well. For example, paella really represents Spain as a country with it's fresh seafood and flavorful rice. Americans should always keep an open mind when trying new, foreign food because despite how unusual it may sound at first, you never know how much you might like it!
Desserts- American
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