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Software For Work

Chapter 1

Davis Apas

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Software For Work

Software By Davis Apas is a collection of computer programs and related data that provide the instructions for telling a computer what to do and how to do it. Types of
Software System
Software Programming
Software Application
Software provides the basic functions for computer usage and helps run the computer hardware and system. usually provides tools to assist a programmer in writing computer programs, and software using different programming languages in a more convenient way. developed to perform in any task that benefits from computation. Device Drivers
Operating Systems
Window Systems Compilers
Text editors Business software
Computer-aided design
Decision making software
Educational software
Image editing
Industrial automation
Mathematical software
Medical software Molecular modeling software
Quantum chemistry and solid state physics software
Simulation software
Telecommunications (i.e., the Internet and everything that flows on it)
Video editing software
Video games
Word processing
Presentations is a computer program allowing
higher level computer programs to
interact with a hardware device Device Drivers Manage computer hardware resources
Provides common services for application software
A user cannot run an application program on the computer without an OS, unless the application program is self booting. Operating System
Software Printers Image Scanners Digital Camera/Camcorders Network Cards Bluetooth Devices Storage Devices And More.. Phones Unix Mac OSX Berkeley Software
Distribution (BSD) Plan 9 Linux GNU Amiga OS Google Chrome OS Microsoft Windows Ubuntu is a computer program
running the request
of other computer programs Servers On a network or
on the same computer Commonly a physical hardware Application Server Types Catalog Server Fax Server Communication Server Database Server File Server Game Server Home Server Name Server Print Server Proxy Server Web Server Sound/Media Server Stand-alone
Server is designed to help analyze, configure, optimize or maintain a computer. Usually called a utility or tool. Utility Software Anti-virus Back-up Data Compression Disk Checkers Disk Cleaners Disk Compression Defragmenters Disk Partitions Space Analysers Disk Storage Archivers File Managers Cryptographic Utilities Hex Editors Memory Testers Network Utilities Registry Cleaners Screen Savers System Monitors System Profilers is a component of a GUI, desktop environment,
which supports the implementation of window managers. It provides basic support for graphics hardware, pointing devices and keyboards. Windowing
System Compilers Transforms a source code,
written in a programming language,
into another computer language
usually to create an executable
program. Debuggers used to test &
debug other programs Interpreters programs that
executes instructions
(the source code) Linkers is a program that takes
one or more objects
generated by the compiler and
combines them into a
single executable program. Text Editors program used
for editing
plain text files.
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