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ABC Manufacturing

Company presentation

Errol Francke

on 26 March 2012

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Transcript of ABC Manufacturing

ABC Manufacturing (PTY) Ltd Press Shop The Press Shop operates a large number of presses that add value to raw materials by processing stainless steel, mild steel and non-ferrous metals into intermediate products for a range of companies including ABC Exhaust Systems, XYZ, DEF, GHI Fire Detection Systems, HIJ Occupant Restraints, RST Air, etc.

The Press Shop is divided into a number of cells:
Valve Cell which mainly produces shock absorber valves and small components.
Component Cell which produces components and brackets.
Heavy Cell which produces larger components but mainly larger brackets.
Cone Cell which produces cones for the ends of catalytic converters.
Robotic & Resistance Welding Cell for sub-assemblies.

The Press Shop is also involved in the manufacture of specialised munition components for DEF and fire detection systems for GHI

Fully functional goods receiving store and finished goods Kanban divisions exist. Awards Tool Room Products ABC’s Tool Room offers a one-stop tooling solution to its customers and specializes in turnkey projects providing continuous support to customers throughout the product life cycle.

Our Tool Room is fully equipped with all necessary conventional and C.N.C equipment which are fully computerised and incorporate the latest technology available i.e. CNC wire-erosion, CNC milling and CNC turning. This equipment is also engaged in production batch machining of steel and non-ferrous products.

Design capabilities include Solid Works, Solid Edge, Edgecam and 3D Quickpress.

We have a proud history of exporting innovative tooling solutions to Mexico, USA and Europe. ABC is a manufacturing company occupying more than 5000 square meters with a staff compliment of over 200 people. The plant consists of two divisions, namely the Engineering Division (incl. design, development production, repair and maintenance) and Press Production Division (incl. metal stamping up to 300 tonnes, robotic assisted welding and resistance welding).

Both divisions supply to a diversity of industries.

Founded in 1991, ABC has established itself in the Western Cape as a reliable supplier taking a leading role in the implementation of new technologies. ABC is poised to expand its national customer base beyond the automotive industry.

The entire business is engaged in a BPR programme. The imminent successful conclusion of this programme sets the stage for ABC’s national aspirations to supply components and tooling to companies beyond the Western Cape.

We currently export end cones and brackets to GM and Ford in the USA and Europe and are therefore abreast with the demands and challenges of the global automotive sector. ABC has been operating under the banner of ISO/TS 14969 for the last 9 years.

We were runners-up in the Corporate Division of Productivity SA Award (20...) and look forward to clinching the award in 20...
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