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Tissues of the Human Body

Epithelial, Connective, Muscle, and Nervous

Jenna Jent

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Tissues of the Human Body

Epithelia, Connective, Muscle, Nervous Tissues of the Human Body Epithelial Simple Squamous, Simple Cuboidal,
Simple Columnar, Pseudostratified
Columnar, Stratified Squamous, and
Transitional Connective Tissue Proper: Muscle Fluid: Supporting: Loose Blood Cartilage Skeletal, Cardiac, Smooth Neurvous Neurons & Neuroglia Simple Squamous Simple Columnar Pseudostratified Columnar Stratified Squamous Transitional One Layer of Cells
Appear Squashed
Permeable One Layer of Cells
Long, Column-shaped
Can be Cilliated
Lining of Organs One Layer of Cells
Can be Cilliated
Lines Trachea Multiple Cell Layers
Appear Flattened
Appears in Areas with much Abrasion Multiple Cell Layers
Contracts & Expands
Appear Cuboidal unstretched
Appear Squamous Stretched Simple Squamous Simple Cuboidal One Layer of Cells
Secretion & Absorption Simple Cuboidal Simple Columnar Pseudostratified Columnar Stratified Squamous Transitional Ligament Adipose Reticular Tendon Hyaline Elastic Fibrocartilage & Dense & Lymph & Bone Proper Loose Adipose Proper Loose Adipose Fat
Stores Energy
Stabilizes Specialized Cells
Loosely Packed Proper Loose Reticular Proper Loose Reticular Creates 3-D framework for building organs
Fills in Area
Loosely Packed Proper Dense Tendon Proper Dense Tendon Muscle to Bone
Collagen-like Fibers
Many Fibroblasts Proper Dense Ligaments Proper Dense Ligaments Many Fibroblasts
Collagen-like Fibers
Bone to Bone Fluid Blood Fluid Blood Circular
White-Fight Infections
Red-Disperses Oxygen Supporting Cartilage Hyaline Supporting Cartilage Hyaline Firm Gel
Contains Sugars, Proteins, Condrocytes (make Hyaline) & Lakunae (Little Pools)
Rubbery Matrix Supporting Cartilage Elastic Supporting Cartilage Elastic Firm Gel
Contains Sugars & Protein
Rubbery Matrix
Found on Outer Ear Supporting Cartilage Fibrocartilage Supporting Cartilage Fibrocartilage Very Fibery
Doesn't allow much movement
Firm Gel
Rubbery Matrix
Contains Sugars & Proteins Supporting Bone Supporting Bone Rigid
Protects Organs
Produces Red and White Blood Cells
Provides Framework for Body Skeletal Skeletal Striated
Long Cells
Voluntary Muscle
Multinucleated Cardiac Cardiac Usually One Nucleus
Held Together by Intercalated Disk
Branched Smooth Smooth Small Spindle-Shaped
Single Nucleus
Not Striated
Not Powerful
Can Squeeze for a long time Neurons Neurons Dendrites-Receive Information
Axons-Send Information
~Long Neuroglia Neuroglia Support Neurons
Nutrition to Neurons
Physical Support
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