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Tokyo, Japan

No description

sydney merrell

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan Sydney Merrell Why Tokyo? Japan
Nippon-koku or Nihon-koku Land of the Rising Sun

Capital – Tokyo

Language – Japanese

Currency – Yen Tokyo Tokyo's population is 13 million as of 2011 (about 10 percent of the Population Of Japan).
During the daytime Tokyo's population grows by another 3 million as workers come to the city. Tokyo is also the largest city in Japan. Tokyo is the capital of Japan Previously known as Edo, Tokyo was renamed in 1867 Translates to ‘Eastern Capital’ Places to see... Akihito is the reigning Emperor of Japan. He acceded to the throne in 1989. Tsukiji Fish Market – Is one the biggest fish markets in the world and the biggest one in Asia. Ginza - has many department stores, expensive restaurants and cafe’s. All very expensive. Shinjuku - has lots of entertainment and shopping. Imperial palace Shopping Takeshita-dori Temples Museums Ueno Zoo - Japan’s oldest and most famous zoo
The zoo has 422 species. Down sides There are lots of people.
You have to carry descent amount of cash to make payments at hotels and restaurants, as credit cards are not accepted by many places. 5 out of 25 of the world’s greatest amusement parks are located in and around Tokyo. I've always wanted to go

Japanese fashion & trends Friends Tokyo Fashion week Japan’s Flower Festival Read more: http://travel.701pages.com/art-
http://www.idntourism.com/7-best-places-to-visit-in-japan/ Work sited Why Go? great blending of Asian culture
lots of history
contemporary and new mixed with the old Hello kitty
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