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Children's Society

No description

Alex Clifford

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Children's Society

Why It Was Founded?
Reason 3
Reason 1
Reason 2
The Children's Society
What Is This Charity?
How Do They Help Children?
In 1881, Edward Rudolf founded
the 'Church of England
Children's society.
To help runaways get to a safer place.
Contacting the Charity
How can we help the Childrens Society?
To prevent children from having to go to a workhouse in the Victorian era.
To give the homeless a home so that they could lead a better life and so that they could forget the past and move on.
If you want to contact the childrens society then email via their website

They work hard to continually improve their services. If you have a comment or suggestion please ask us or contact their supporter care team at supportercare@childrenssociety.org.uk

There are many ways we can help the childrens society,these include:
Originally know as the 'Church Of England Children's Society'

Help children of all faiths

Work alongisde the church community.
Donating to the Children's Society
Funded by public donations

To help the children and volunteers

Providing food for children
They defend, safeguard and protect children
Through a network of programmes and services.

Important areas currently include:

•Young runaways and refugees
•To ensure that individual disabled children are given a voice
•Provide expert services in the area of youth justice
•To set up children's centres and mentoring schemes
•To provide support for traveller children
Quick Facts!!
They Run 36 centre's across England.
Their three beliefs are Love, Justice and Forgiveness.
They work in partnership with 40 local authorities.
They spend £28,100,000 on services for children each year.
The nearest branch is in London.
Anisha's Story
• Anisha is 11 and lives with her
Mum who is seriously ill
• She looks after her mum by doing the cooking and the housework
• Anisha and her mum are asylum
seekers and they get a little bit of
support from the government
• Her mum can't work so this is
their family's only source of
• No financial support for things
like school uniform and lunches
• Anisha was referred to The Children's Society when she started school and they arranged for a grant for her school uniform and school meals
• Over time, Anisha and her Mum were helped with more important issues
• Life can still be difficult for Anisha but it has become a lot easier
• She wants to work for The Children's Society when she grows up

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