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Conflict Prezi

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Allison Harvey

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Conflict Prezi

Article Summary How it relates to the Chapter Social Roles Police corruption is just that,
not 'courtesy' By Lane Fliller Nassau Police Department Second Deputy Commissioner William Flanagan was convicted of 3 misdemeanors for allowing a wealthy police donor's son to convict crimes and not be charged
A similar case was found in the Bronx in 2011 where 16 officers were charged with ignoring traffic violations belonging to family or friends
Are the decisions police officers make regarding charging family and friends of crimes okay? Power of officers
Power denial
Relational theory of power
Power currencies
High power and low power individuals Family: value of family to police officers
Socioeconomic status: police officers may not ticket or arrest those whose families contribute to the police department foundations. How could this be perceived by those who struggle financially?
The social institution of the police department: Do you believe that this article could make people lose faith in law enforcement institutions?
How could these "favors" be perceived by the "high power" individuals that receive them? How can this influence their behavior? Advantages and Disadvantages to the Solution Disadvantages: using harsh words to get your point across
Advantages: bringing the idea of police corruption up to the public's attention
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