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Discrimination of Italians in America

A overview of the history of discrimination faced by Italian Americans

Jennifer Hakey

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Discrimination of Italians in America

Italian Discrimination
Italophobia Italians, especially immigrants from southern Italy were discriminated against for their darker skin. Early newspaper clippings described them as "sub human". Check out this cartoon from an 1888 New Orleans publication. Italians were also seen as political radicals because of their anarchism and socialist beliefs. ` What is the Mafia, Anyway? A history of....
a negative attitude toward Italian people, as well as people with Italian ancestry, expressed by using stereotypes about them, such as the idea that the Italians are tolerant of violence and political corruption. Although Italians were settled in the U.S. in the 1700's, they weren't discriminated against until the late 1800's, when poor Italians seeking a better life began settling in America. Italians were typically stereotyped as being related to organized crime such as the Mafia, but most Italian people were honest and hard working. Italians were so discriminated against for several reasons, one being the anti-Catholicism feelings of early American Protestants. in America Part 1
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