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Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) by Sarah Monk

No description

Sarah Monk

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) by Sarah Monk

Thank You!
the DEA was founded in 1973 to deal with America's increasing drug problem
started with 1,470 special agents and a budget of $74.9 million
John R. Bartels jr., the first administrator, had two goals for the DEA-
1) to integrate narcotics agents and U.S. customs agents into one
effective force
2) to restore public faith in narcotics law enforcement
Office of Intelligence implemented July 14th, 1973 for accurate and up-to-date
information to assess criminal network operations and vulnerabilities, to forecast
new ways of trafficking, to evaluate the impact of previous activity, and to establish
long-range drug strategies and policies
Peter B. Bensinger was administrator from 1976- 1981
Heroin Signature Program founded in 1977 to classify heroin by the manufacturing
process to be able to tell where it came from geographically
paraphernelia law founded in 1979 to reduce drug paraphernelia sales at head shops
Domestic Council Drug Abuse Task Force set up in September 1975 to assess
drug use in America and recommend ways to fix it
Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression program spread to all 50 states by 1985
Anabolic Steroid Enforcement act started in 1990 to repress steroid abuse
more than 1.5 million Americans arrested for drug law violations in 1996
enforce controlled substances laws of the United States
support programs reducing the availability of illicit controlled
substances on domestic and international markets
investigate and prepare for the prosecution of major violators
of controlled substance laws
investigate and prepare for prosecution of criminals and drug gangs who perpetrate violence in communities and terrorize citizens
seize and forfeit assets derived from, intended for, or traceable to illicit drug trafficking
enforcement of the provisions of the Controlled Substance Act
reponsibilty for all programs related to drug law enforcement counterparts in foreign countries
Famous Cases
Operation Funk 49- a three-year undercover
investigation targeting an international drug
trafficking operation that originated in Guadalajara,
Mexico with a network extending through San Diego
county. Investigation began in April 2004. 59 individuals were arrested , along with the siezure of 2 pounds of heroin, 1,246 pounds of cocaine, 604 pounds of methamphetamine, and more than $9.1 million in cash
July 17, 2014, FedEx was indicted for its role in distributing prescription drugs and controlled substances
April 16, 2014, upper Manhattan apartments were found stashing $12 million in heroin and $500,000 in crystal meth
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
Forensic Science Jobs Involved
forensic chemists- analyze substances for the presence of controlled substances, conduct research regarding new methods of drug analysis, determine trends in drug trafficking
fingerprint specialists- examine and process fingerprints to provide testimony in the court of law
forensic computer examiners- recover and analyze digital evidence, provide expert testimony in the court of law, provide investigative support
DEA Museum Tour
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