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No description

Jenn Lenart

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of LakeStat

Metric "Case Study"
LakeStat Dashboard Committee Goals
Introduction: LakeStat
Common theme among all Stakeholders

Storm Water Management
Must continue to collect data
Collect 5 years worth of trend data for each metric
Host second conference for all Stakeholders once LakeStat is updated
Launch LakeStat 2.0 in fall
Project Review

Started early 2013
Dashboard designed to identify key metrics that are necessary to examine when making decisions about Lake Erie
2011 Harmful Algal Bloom

How do we prevent this?
Many organizations address HABs

research process
Decrease competition
for funding projects
on projects
Identify available databases that information can easily be transferred
Do not create something new, pull from what
already exists
most meaningful metrics
that will help
drive policy issues
that revolve around Lake Erie
Keep in mind:
long term thinking

make page less static
tell a story
Annual Advisories
E. coli
Algal Blooms
Break down of debris found along shoreline
Identify brands of garbage
Availability of garbage cans and recycling bins on beaches
Recreational activities available for public
# people who participate in activities
# visitors that visit beaches
Revenue collected from visitors
Hyle Lowry from Alliance for the Great Lakes
Mike Durkalec from Metroparks


less environmental buffers
increase of waterfront development
sewage gets into drinking water
projects are created to address issues

IrishTown Bend
Sierra WARN
City-wide CSO mitigation efforts
groups are created to address issues
Cleveland Water Alliance
Sierra Club
What I Have Learned
Must have patience
Network with everyone
How to make data meaningful
Use resources
Many factors play a role in Lake Erie's health
Lake Erie is not just an environmental asset but also an
economic driver
Presented by: Jenn Lenart

Public Policy Fellow 2014
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