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The Greater Goal

No description

Kristine Marvel

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of The Greater Goal

Why have a "Greater Goal?"
The Greater Goal
Align our day to day work with our mission
Real teamwork is enabled by shared goals
We are more powerful as a unified team
What obstacles are in our way to inspiration?
Using our values to bust through barriers
"Our greatest goal is to inspire adults with intellectual disabilities to be contributing members who feel supported to achieve their highest potential."
How can we strengthen relationships to help empower our participants & reach our greater goal?
Know their goals & dreams
Teach them skills
Create opportunities for them to shine
Support them in their activities
Share your passions with them
Families, Care Providers & Caseworkers
Foster a culture of trust
Provide information proactively
Interact in a positive professional manner
Invite them to help contribute to the greater goal
Community Members
Present a positive professional image
Convey enthusiasm for the participants' skills
Cultivate productive partnerships
Employers & Volunteer Sites
Support participants in meeting & exceeding employer standards
Look for opportunities for growth
Encourage relationships between participants & others
Help participants excel & to be key team members
Each Other
Create positive work environment that everyone wants to come to
Support each other
Recognize & acknowledge the excellence in your team members
Share your talents & passions
Barriers to Overcome
Stereotypes about Participants
Misconception about abilities
Lack of experience interacting with individuals with disabilities
Family & Care Provider Expectations
May be overprotective
May have unrealistic expectations
Might not be supportive of participants' goals for themselves
Low Employment Rates
Current low employment rates in general
Challenges to 3 person placement at minimum wage
Employer perceptions of value & participants' capabilities
Our Selves
Forgetting to be patient & to break down tasks
Focusing on disability vs abilities
Over or under supporting participants
Neglecting the value of excellence
Lack self confidence to do their best
Poor attendance
Health concerns
Low skills or knowledge
Ensure participants are set up for success
Engage in meaningful activities
Ask yourself, "how is this contributing to the greater goal?"
Be professional, prepared and knowledgeable
Help participants break stereotypes - hygiene, social skills, expectations of others
Try new things
Incorporate your talents into your everyday schedule
Look for ways to be creative
Encourage participants to learn & grow
Don't be afraid of failure
Customer Satisfaction
Gear activities toward participant goals
Remember, it is the group's schedule
Communicate clearly with others
Check in regularly with participants, families, care providers, case workers & employers
Your actions match your intention
A unified E&CO working towards a common mission
Honest & ethical in all matters
Every day actions contribute to reaching the greater goal
Keeping the bigger picture in mind
Don't sweat the small stuff
Your job is to help others reach their life goals!
Presenting a positive image
Being knowledgeable about the field. You are the experts!
Collaborative, helpful attitude
Be a shining example of your team!
Using our strengths to reach our greater goal
Program Examples
Incorporation of interests & knowledge
Participant centered
Accept areas for growth
Strive to be excellent
Desire to help others succeed
Creating a richer life for all
"Our greatest goal is to inspire adults with intellectual disabilities to be contributing members who feel supported to achieve their highest potential."
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