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How do meerkats communicate?

No description

Kamala Middleton

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of How do meerkats communicate?

Meerkats use 3 main methods of communication.
These are:
Body Language
How do meerkats communicate?
Meerkats have over 30 different calls to communicate with eachother. These calls are vital for meerkats as they are preyed upon by many different animals.
Meerkat Communication
Sentinel Meerkats
Mattias Klum/National Geographic/Getty Images
Body Language
Meerkats scent mark their territory as well as members of their group.
Meekats playfighting
Upright tail = excited, alert, playfighting
Tail down = calm, resting

Conflict Resolution
Meerkats need to work well together in order to survive.

Pheramones and sounds help them distinguish a group member from an outsider.
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