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The Virtual Resilience Campus - user presentation

An intro to the VRC

Kerry Jardine

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of The Virtual Resilience Campus - user presentation

The Virtual Resilience Campus is a work in progress. We're continually refining its structure, adding new courses, information, and media. It's all about feedback and contributions from YOU!

Go to www.scords.gov.uk for a link to the VRC and get started

Finally, before you leave this presentation, please click on the the forward button to see a video demo of the site. Scottish Resilience Development Service (ScoRDS)
Strathearn House
Perth, PH1 1RX

Tel. 01738 602 141
W - www.scords.gov.uk
scordstweets ScoRDS have developed a Virtual Resilience Campus (VRC).
It's a website which will hold a range of learning material related to resilience in Scotland.
Anyone can register and it's free to access.
The online learning will be 'blended' with ScoRDS face-to-face programmes.

Click on the forward button to learn more. Your time is precious..and scarce! Everything in the VRC is designed in small 'chunks' which should take no more than 10-20 minutes. You can do as little or as much as you want. eLearning encompasses a wide range of different online tools, and we're using lots of them on the VRC. Chat rooms and forums Presentations Online documents and files Videos, interviews, podcasts and webinars and of course, social media. knowledge checks An intro to the Preparing Scotland suite of guidance. The next click will take you to a screen shot of the site. This is the site before you 'logon' and 'dock' the menus.
Every time you go to the VRC, choose login. If you already have login details, then enter them here. Or request a reminder. Or, if this is your first time, the just create a new account. TOP TIP!
You can 'dock' the green menus to get your page looking clean. just click on the little blue and white lines on the top-right corner of each menu and it will move to the side of the page. This section contains the ScoRDS Prospectus, a full list of courses, and a guided tour around the VRC. It's a good place to start if you're new to the VRC. This section has short courses with core information about resilience in Scotland (structures, people, guidance) that every professional needs to know, such as... Introduction to Integrated Emergency Management
Roles and responsibilities of responders. We have some more information about our Tactical and Strategic programmes, and there's a course on IEM for Tactical Managers, which must be completed before coming to the Tactical Manager's course. We're also working on creating some mini-courses on the key elements of crisis decision making, so watch this space! This is pretty self-explanatory! Speaker programme videos Subject briefs TED.Com talks Who are the SCGs, what are the emergency structures for resilience in Scotland? Find out in this section of the VRC. This section will be for SG staff who have a role in responding to emergencies. We'll be building up this section in advance of the Commonwealth Games 2014 We'll build up links to key guidance, research and lessons in this section. Access papers from the Scottish National Exercise Programme, and view and share sample exercises. Once you're logged in and have docked your menus, this home page looks like this.

Keep clicking on the forward button to see what each section contains.
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