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Alzheimer's Disease

No description

Neveta Kameraj

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Alzheimer's Disease

Treatments for Alzheimer's
Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's and how
it affects the Nervous
Interesting Facts
There are no treatments for Alzheimer's,but there are many different foods to help prevent Alzheimer's. Salmon ,avocados,
and blueberries helps to
prevent Alzheimer's.Salmon helps because it has omega 3
and our brain needs it so it can remember things.Avocados has
vitamin E & C.They keep our brain and blood vessels protected so we wouldn't have a greather chance of having Alzheimer's.Blueberries help with the memory. There are many different foods to help prevent this disease.
Alzheimer's disease affects the Nervous Sytem it lots of
different ways.Alzheimer's affects the brain.It affects it because
the brain doesn't remember people neither what's happening or
what your touching.While the brain is infected it wouldn't know
what it's doing (if it's sleeping,or is it awake.The Nervous
System is affected alot by this disease because of the inital
damage done.
Many people knows about Alzheimer's Disease.But, there are cool things about
Alzheimer's you might not know about .
The longest you could survive with this is for eight years.This disease is the sixth
leading cause to death because you may live with it for eight years and there is no cure.Women could survive longer than men while having Alzheimer's .
For example, a guy will have Alzheimer's
and die five years later, and a lady will have it and die seven years later.There are so many cool things about this disease what many people doesn't know about
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